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What mistakes should be avoided when we meet through a screen?

Justin Thomas
March 13, 2017

Online meetings have their own rules of communication. No one doubts the effectiveness of such meetings. However, to be successful, a number of aspects must be taken into account.

The videoconferencing solutions market is experiencing spectacular growth in the recent years. According to published data, it is expected that by 2020 there will be a continuous and annual growth of 9.36%. Online meetings are a settled reality that lowers costs and increases the productivity of companies. However, as it stands out from Digital Samba, many mistakes are made in conducting this type of meeting.

To think that it is a classroom

One of the first mistakes made when addressing an online meeting is to think that it is the same as a face-to-face meeting. It has to be taken into account that it is through a screen, which will imply a number of aspects in the different communication as oppose to having people in front of you. For example, the more subtle gestures will not be captured equally by all people so you have to focus more on verbal or written communication than on non-verbal communication.

Not having documentation on hand

In any type of meeting you have to have at hand the necessary documentation for the development of the same. However, in online meetings that maxim is more important if it fits. "It is essential to have all the documents that you are going to show, share them and not have them stored in forgotten folders and to which there is no direct access. If we start looking for a document, surely the attendees can see files that are not the object of the meeting" comment from Digital Samba.

Leave other programs open

One of the most frequent errors in the meetings that are carried out through web conferencing solutions, is to leave open other programs. At this point, it is very annoying that, for example, a new mail and the message appear, with the corresponding sound or even with the message window. "It's important to avoid this. Not only because of the noise and the interruption that it means, but also because of the lack of confidentiality that this means," added Digital Samba.

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