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Embed and control video conferences with Digital Samba's video calling SDK

Now that you’ve integrated the Digital Samba video conference with the API, customise and control it using a well-documented video SDK.

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Video call SDK

Render and control a video conference

With Digital Samba’s video chat SDK embed a conference, control the UI and subscribe to events with just a few lines of Javascript. Build the UI you need and hook it up to your own external controls.

Read our SDK docs  or visit our GitHub.

import DigitalSambaEmbedded from '@digitalsamba/embedded-sdk'
const samba = new DigitalSambaEmbedded({ team: 'your-domain', room: 'stargazer')

What you can do with Digital Samba's video SDK

Deep integration

Subscribe to conference events and feed them into custom event handlers to populate external UI components, store events or trigger application-specific actions.

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Custom UI

You may want to control the conference using your application's UI elements. Embed the conference without our video UI controls to give an integrated look and feel.

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Initial settings object

Set up the participant’s state on join with a convenient Initial Settings Object, comprehending peripherals state, virtual backgrounds setup, and UI components visibility.

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Cloud recordings

Record your meetings in real-time on our cloud infrastructure for later retrieval. Simply send a command to the embedded conference to initiate or terminate a recording.

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Screen sharing

Screen sharing is seamlessly integrated into the embedded conference. Start or stop screen sharing programmatically or trigger it from your apps's UI.

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Remote management

Remotely manage participants’ broadcasting, screen-sharing permissions and peripherals, ensuring a smooth and controlled virtual meeting environment.

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What our customers say

Integrate HD-quality video calls into your website or app

Case study

How LineUpr empowered its hybrid event app with Digital Samba's video call SDK.

LineUpr, a leading German hybrid event app, opted for Digital Samba's API & SDK over Jitsi, which faltered in 50+ participant rooms. Read the full integration success story.


Find answers and general information quickly

What is the Digital Samba video chat SDK and how can it benefit my business?

The Digital Samba video chat SDK is a toolkit that lets developers easily add video chat functionality to their apps or websites. It includes everything needed to establish user connections, transmit audio and video data, as well as manage video quality.

Integrating Digital Samba’s video calling SDK can benefit your business in several ways, including:

  1. Reducing costs through remote meetings
  2. Enhancing customer experiences with personalised interactions
  3. Improving app security with built-in & tested measures
  4. Speeding up implementation with pre-built functionality
  5. Increasing efficiency through automated processes and workflows

With Digital Samba’s video conference SDK you can streamline remote collaboration, boost customer satisfaction, and cut costs for your product. If you have any questions about integrating Digital Samba’s video conferencing SDK, please contact us.

How can I integrate Digital Samba’s Video SDK into my existing applications or platforms?

Integrating Digital Samba video SDK into your application is straightforward and user-friendly.

Start by installing the SDK using the `unpkg` public CDN or npm/yarn with a bundler like Webpack. Then, import the SDK and initialise it using one of two methods, as illustrated in our documentation. Next, define the room and other configuration options in the `initOptions` object, and then load the room in the frame using the appropriate method.

You can also customise the frame further using `instanceProperties` object if needed. Finally, be sure to refer to the official documentation for comprehensive guidance on integrating the Digital Samba video SDK into your application.

With these simple steps, you can enhance your application with seamless video chat capabilities. If you have any questions about integrating Digital Samba’s video conferencing SDK, please contact us.

What are the features of Digital Samba's video SDK?

Our E2EE video meeting SDK offers a wide range of features for interactive multiuser online meetings by leveraging events and methods that enable you to create a high-quality, customised and engaging video conferencing experience.

Use our SDK methods to control various aspects of the meeting, such as enabling or disabling cameras, virtual backgrounds, raise/lower hand options, microphones, and screen sharing. Utilise our SDK events to subscribe to real-time updates on user activity, such as joining or leaving the meeting, speaking, app errors, and more.

You can learn more about our feature-rich SDK methods and events on our documentation page

If you have any questions about integrating Digital Samba’s video conferencing SDK, please contact us.

Can I host webinars or large virtual events using Digital Samba's Video SDK?

Absolutely! With Digital Samba's video conferencing SDK, you can host large conferences, webinars or large virtual events directly within your websites or applications. 

Our video SDK offers different plans, including the Free and Create plan, which supports up to 100 active participants. We also provide a custom plan that allows unlimited concurrent participants.

Contact our sales team to learn about Digital Samba’s video conferencing capabilities for large events.

How does Digital Samba's Video SDK compare to other Video SDKs in the market?

Our video SDK stands out from others in the market due to its focus on security, ease of integration, rich features, and exceptional customer support.

With GDPR-compliant EU infrastructure, secured with E2EE, our SDK offers robust security measures along with comprehensive documentation that enables easy integration. Our SDK also offers high-quality video & audio with useful features like virtual backgrounds, multilingual captions & UI interface, and subscribing to various events, so you can customise your application behaviour.

The SDK allows effortless customisation of your video conferences while our dedicated team of developers provide responsive support. We offer fair and transparent pricing, making Digital Samba’s SDK the best choice for your video conferencing needs.

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