Digital Samba for Meetings

Online Meeting Platform

European and GDPR-compliant video conferencing platform for small teams or large groups.

Monthly Save 25% Annual
Everything you need for daily communications with up to 100 participants.
Single-user license
Unlimited meeting duration
Unlimited number of sessions
Branding features
9 active videos
Store up to 5 cloud recordings
2 breakout rooms per session
500 telephony minutes**

* Billed monthly (auto-renewal), excl. VAT
** See FAQ below for details

* Billed as €108 yearly, excl. VAT
** See FAQ below for details
Host engaging business meetings for large groups of up to 300 participants.
Starter plan features
Multi-user account center
Store up to 25 cloud recordings
25 active videos
Private chats
1000 telephony minutes**
10 breakout rooms per session
Reporting and statistics

* Billed monthly (auto-renewal), excl. VAT
** See FAQ below for details

* Billed as €132 yearly, excl. VAT
** See FAQ below for details
Extremely feature-rich meeting software with a 500 participant capacity.
Team plan features
Store up to 100 cloud recordings
3000 telephony minutes**
300 breakout rooms per session
Content library (5GB of cloud storage)
Web apps integration
Video sharing feature
Recurring events
Data export
* Billed monthly (auto-renewal), excl. VAT
** See FAQ below for details
* Billed as €216 yearly, excl. VAT
** See FAQ below for details
Talk to us
Talk to us
Host up to 2000 participants and enjoy our complete feature set.
Bundle discounts
Full white-labelling
Reseller license
Unlimited cloud storage
Unlimited telephony minutes**
Attendee limit control
Attendee registration
Live streaming
Onboarding and training
* Billed monthly (auto-renewal), excl. VAT
** See FAQ below for details
* Billed annually, excl. VAT
** See FAQ below for details

All plans include:

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How does my subscription work?

Depending on your subscription period (monthly or annually), we charge your preferred payment method every renewal period and send you an invoice. You can edit or cancel your subscription at any time where changes will take effect at the end of your current period. We always remind you 48 hours before any renewal order processes in case adjustments are necessary.

What is the main difference between plans?

Plan pricing reflects the maximum number of allowed attendees and licence capacity.

The Starter plan includes a single-user licence. One license equals one personal account and one concurrent session.

Business and Enterprise are multiuser plans. They allow to buy multiple licences and manage all users from an admin account.

Can Digital Samba handle 1000 participants?

Yes, Digital Samba can host meetings of 1000 participants or more. We need to make special arrangements for these resources, so please contact us in advance if you need to accommodate large meetings.

How long does it take to set up Digital Samba's meeting software?

Digital Samba for Meetings is completely integrated into your browser. It only takes a few seconds for users to join a live session. Hosts (licence owners) can start meetings instantly or spend extra time setting up branding and other custom features.

How is telephony minute usage calculated and charged?**

All meetings will run on computer audio by default. You may turn on toll-based teleconferencing when scheduling your sessions. If you exceed your plan's monthly telephony allowance, you will be charged €0.024 per minute per user.

Can I customise the meeting platform with my own branding?

Digital Samba is the industry leader in white-labelling. Custom branding features are available on all plans, but reach out to our sales team directly for full white labelling.

Do you offer discounts to larger enterprises?

Yes. Enterprise-level clients can access bulk pricing plans that are substantially cheaper per user. Contact our team to create a perfect custom plan that includes optimal pricing, features, and the level of support you need.

Do you have a free trial? How does it work?

Yes, Digital Samba offers a free trial period and technical demo to showcase what our product can do for you. The free trial period is intended to demonstrate the full capabilities of Digital Samba. The free trial comes with a complete feature set but is not intended to be a long-term solution or substitute for a paid plan. Contact our team to get access to a 14-day free trial


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