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Embeded webrtc video api, video calling api, video conferencing api sdk integration - digital samba


Integrate smooth video conferencing capabilities into your apps using our robust video call API & SDK.

Meeting Software platform by Digital Samba


Host secure and scalable video conferences for small teams or large groups right in your browser.

Webinar software - Digital Samba


Make your webinar a success by engaging up to 2000 participants using our automated webinar platform.

Virtual classroom for E-learning - virtual classroom software Digital Samba online education platform


Create a fully interactive, collaborative and user-friendly learning environment with our virtual classroom.


Digital Samba does it all, and much more

Digital Samba VPaaS - Video conferencing API and SDK - Embedded Video Conferencing - WebRTC on React - White labelled video conferencing

Embedded video API & SDK

Effortlessly embed and integrate lag-free video conferencing into your apps with our easy-to-understand API & SDK

Experience great video quality. Even in big rooms with hundreds of participants with up to 49 concurrent streamers per page. Fully white-labelled and 100% mobile-friendly.

Handle 1-1 calls or webinars with over 2000 users.
Customise everything from your domain to your colour scheme.
Enjoy the best possible video quality.

Digital Samba - Meeting Platform -Webinar recording GDPR HD MP4


Capture meetings in full HD MP4 and store them in a secure cloud format

Your video conferences are instantly saved to the cloud, so you never miss a minute. Share recordings after your meetings and manage recording files how you see fit.

Tag moments with bookmarks.
Shareable with other platforms.
Instant recordings downloads.

Breakout rooms - Digital Samba - Divide your audience into sub-groups for your meeting, webinar, or online class-1

Breakout rooms

Split participants of meetings, webinars or classrooms into sub-groups

Boost the productivity of your event and encourage social interaction by creating breakout rooms. Breakout rooms give your participants a dedicated space to work on group assignments and host department-specific discussions.

Create up to 300 breakout rooms.
Pre-assign attendees to breakout rooms.
Broadcast messages through all breakout rooms.
white label webinar software custom_branding_video conferencing software - digital samba - webrtc

Custom branding

Add your branding to all event assets, including registration pages, event room and automated emails

Design a truly bespoke communication solution in minutes. Make Digital Samba yours by moulding our default layout into something unique. No coding skills required. 

Add your logo, brand colours, backgrounds and fonts.
White-label your video conferencing platform.
Create your custom meeting room link.

Content library and file sharing by Digital Samba - video conferencing software, webinar software

Content library

Upload and share presentations, audio, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, and even YouTube and Vimeo videos

Structure and plan shared content for your sessions by uploading and saving it in your cloud-based content library. Annotate and markup shared documents with your peers using whiteboards.

Embed any content - even separate web apps.
Share materials with attendees in advance.
Allow participants to download meeting materials.

live streaming digital samba- meeting software, webrtc, video conferencing platform 2023

Live streaming

Broadcast your events in HD quality to larger audiences via Facebook Live, YouTube or Vimeo

Spread your message further by streaming your Digital Samba live event to third-party platforms. All streaming functions are managed in one place. Stream to third-party apps that allow streaming to different destinations.

Let your audience attend your event from other apps.
Save your live streams for future playback.
Stream video to your website with our video embedding feature.

Email automation -  Digital Samba - European Webinar software, Video API, Webinar software, Video API, email marketing

Email automation

Set up custom email invitations, automated reminders and follow-ups

Advanced email marketing and invitation tools allow you to streamline your attendance management and post-event engagement.

Automate email invitations, confirmations and reminders.
Customise email templates with your own branding.
Attach files and meeting recordings to automated email sequences.

Video conferencing platform - Digital Samba - Webinar Software and Event Platform with Landing pages and Thank you pages, webinar registration page template

Landing pages

Create fully customisable registration and thank-you pages

Create branded event registration pages using a friendly URL. Automatically redirect attendees to thank-you pages after the event is over.

Customisable branding and registration forms.
Get a notification when someone registers for your event.
Use a custom final URL or our default thank-you page.
19 years in the making, trusted by the world’s biggest companies

One solution for scalable communication

Stable and secure

Experience a smooth and reliable high-quality connection that is always established quickly.


There's no software to download. Digital Samba video conferencing solutions work right from your browser.

Exclusive support

With Digital Samba, you don’t just receive support. You get a partner that is always there for you.

Secure. Private. Scalable.

Built in Europe for security & compliance

Digital Samba's infrastructure, data handling and security meet the highest standards. GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC-1 compliance combined with the strongest SSL/TLS certificates and end-to-end data encryption (E2EE) ensure gold-standard safety and security.
end-to-end data encryption (E2EE) video conferencing api

What our customers say

“Digital Samba has all features needed to organise and host an online workshop. It can automatically record the meetings and we can integrate our branding."
Sergiu Ardelean ARTVIVE
Sergiu Ardelean
I liked the 'advanced features' tool while creating the meetings. I was impressed with all of the options for branding. The live event felt like it was purely my company's and not Samba-associated."
5th Grade Teacher, PA Distance Learning Charter School (PA Distance Learning)-1
Jennifer Grant
Project lead, World Literacy Summit
“Digital Samba as a company has an understanding of the customers (=our) Vision, which is a rare trait and goes above and beyond to accommodate our difficult requirements.”
Sebastian Gerhard   See whole profile  Angestellt, Co-Founder & CIO, Consularia GmbH
Sebastian Gerhard
Co-Founder & CIO Consularia GmbH

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