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Integrate video calling API into your product for a cohesive UX. Manage all aspects of the conference with our API and fine-tune the experience with our client SDK.

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Intuitive developer tools to support a quick go-to-market strategy


digital samba video conference API, video chat SDK

Comprehensive backend management for your video conferences

Manage your rooms, team, roles, permissions, webhooks, cloud recordings, statistics, and achieve smooth integration with our developer-friendly REST video conferencing API.
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import DigitalSambaEmbedded from '@digitalsamba/embedded-sdk'
const samba = DigitalSambaEmbedded.createControl({ team: 'your-domain', room: 'stargazer'})

Frontend control and customisation to meet the requirements of your use case

Define the complexity of the UI. Use external controls to start/stop audio, video, screen sharing and recordings. Track user events and feed them into your present management system. By leveraging our Software Development Kit, you can easily embed secure video calling on your website.
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What you can do with the Digital Samba video call API

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Embedded video conferencing for every use case

HubSpot Video

Empower your event platform with encrypted HD video conferencing

Support event attendees in getting the most out of online or hybrid events by helping them retain the contacts they meet at your digital venue.

Utilise our API for video conferencing to easily embed live video, group discussions and matchmaking. Upgrade your platform with a fully integrated experience. Browser-based and mobile-friendly.

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HubSpot Video

Hold video consultations that adhere to medical data privacy regulations

We understand that privacy is a major concern when connecting patients to healthcare providers. Digital Samba is fully HIPAA & GDPR-compliant and abides to all regulatory data privacy and security requirements.

Privacy and confidentiality are built in. With Digital Samba, you won't run into any issues certifying your practice for online healthcare. We are here to help every step of the way.

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HubSpot Video

Embed live teaching in your LMS

Level up your learning management system with GDPR-compliant and feature-rich video conferencing.

Our video conferencing component is designed to be used by anyone of all skill levels.

Any Learning Management System (LMS) can integrate the face-to-face presence of a real-time instructor directly into a student’s online learning experience with our embeddable live video solution.

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HubSpot Video

Power up your CRM and empower sellers to go face-to-face from anywhere

More engaging sales meetings allow sales teams to build trusted relationships with customers.
Give your sales force the ability to engage prospects face to face, enhancing your CRM through easily managed video conferencing. Integrate video conferencing into almost any CRM with just a few lines of code.

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HubSpot Video

Accelerate productivity with live HD video

Great things happen when humans collaborate. As our digital skills get more sophisticated, so does our toolset.
Integrate a simple live video widget into any collaboration platform with only a few lines of code.
Experience HD video quality even in big rooms with hundreds of participants and up to 49 concurrent streamers per page.
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Go to market quickly with our feature-rich prebuilt WebRTC video meeting API

Discover the full range of features that Digital Samba has to offer.  Explore all features ->

Why Digital Samba

Robust and secures solutions developers trust

Designed to be embedded

Our SDK, written in Typescript and provided as an NPM package, will have you up and running with a few lines of Javascript code. Made for developers, by developers.

High-quality video and audio

Deliver your users crystal-clear video and audio experiences for seamless communication

99.99% uptime

Highly available cloud architecture deployed on distributed, resilient and fully managed European infrastructure. Designed to guarantee uptime.

Optimised bandwidth management

Our algorithms are optimised to respond to available bandwidth and local computing resources, ensuring you always stream in the best possible video quality.

SFU scaling

Handle 1-1 calls or 2000 user webinars. Our Selective Forwarding Unit architecture is designed for scale.

Ultra-low WebRTC latency

Human communications require 300ms latency or less, we optimise for fluidity.

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Case study

How LineUpr empowered its hybrid event app with Digital Samba's video call API.

LineUpr, a leading German hybrid event app, opted for Digital Samba's API over Jitsi, which faltered in 50+ participant rooms. Read the full integration success story.


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What happens when I use my free participation minutes?

When you have used all your plan minutes, you will automatically be transferred to our per minute usage model. Extra minutes will be charged at a rate based on your plan, so you won't experience service interruptions. You can track your consumptions in the dashboard and plan your expenditures.

How secure is Digital Samba's video conferencing API?

Digital Samba's video chat API adheres to the highest standards in infrastructure, data handling and security. Compliance with GDPR, and SOC-1, robust SSL/TLS certificates, and end-to-end data encryption (E2EE) guarantee industry-leading safety and security. Our secure European server infrastructure ensures data protection and compliance with European legislation. We prioritise ethical business practices, never selling customer data and emphasising long-term relationships with our partners.

Can I customise Digital Samba with my own branding?

Yes, full customisation is available. Customisation includes domains, vanity URLs, friendly URLs, logos, fonts, colours, and more. Contact sales for more information.

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