Legal information

Here you will find Digital Samba legal agreements, policies and notices. Please visit this page if you are looking for our DPA or are generally interested in our data privacy and security practices.

As a customer of Digital Samba (including free trial users), you have the irrefutable right to know how we process your data. The same is true if you simply navigate or interact with our various websites. In both cases, your entry point is our Privacy Policy. It is written in clear, understandable language and explains precisely how Digital Samba stores and processes your personal information.

If you are a customer or a potential customer, you will have a keen interest in understanding the terms and conditions you agree to when you sign up for our products and services. Your entry point is the Digital Samba Customer Agreement, which outlines our mutual obligations and responsibilities.

You will find all our legal documents listed below. We will notify you through appropriate channels of any modifications made to these documents. Revisions are tracked and older versions are made available to you.

* Resellers of our On-premise Software product are bound by our reseller agreement.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.