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Video conferencing & webinars

With Digital Samba, effortlessly manage video calls with up to 2000 participants, ensuring crystal clear quality and a comprehensive suite of functionalities for an optimal conferencing experience.

Full screen & pinning

Empower participants to concentrate on desired content by enabling full-screen view and pinning specific participants or presentations.

Remote video & audio muting

Exercise control over participant audio and video feeds to minimise disruptions and maintain a focused and productive conference environment.

Multilanguage support

Select a language for the room user interface. English, Spanish and German are currently supported. 

Cloud recordings

Record your meetings or webinars directly on our secure servers and access them through the API for easy retrieval and management.

High-quality video

Deliver crystal-clear, lag-free video conferencing for enhanced virtual interaction and engagement.

Waiting room

Choose who enters your session and when with your private event lobby.


Elevate your user experience with Digital Samba's collaborative tools that empower your end users, fostering effective communication, efficient coordination, and dynamic interaction.

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Let users collaborate visually using intuitive drawing and mark-up tools during a video call.

Group chat

Use the chat feature to exchange messages, share links and engage in text-based communication with participants.

Screen sharing

Share your screen, application windows, or browser tab to enable real-time collaboration with participants, without the need to install any software.

Breakout rooms

Boost your in-app video conference interactivity and productivity by splitting your audience into sub-groups.

Real-time invitations 

Seamlessly invite participants to meetings using the dashboard or directly during the video conference.

Participant list

View connected participants and easily manage their permissions and roles.

Roles and permissions

Create tailored roles and permissions to suit your use case, accommodating a diverse range of user types.

Hand raise

Allow participants to take turns speaking without disrupting sessions.

AI captions

Leverage AI to generate transcriptions of spoken words, transforming them into easily accessible captioned text.

Integrate GDPR-compliant video calls into your website or app

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Branding and UI

Elevate your user experience with Digital Samba's collaborative tools that empower your end users, fostering effective communication, efficient coordination, and dynamic interaction.

Virtual backgrounds

Add a personal touch and maintain privacy by obscuring private spaces with customised backdrops.

Logo and colour branding

Personalise your rooms and enhance your branding by incorporating your own logo, customising buttons and toolbars, and adding a unique favicon for a bespoke visual experience in your web meetings 

Dark mode 

Experience reduced eye strain with Digital Samba's Dark Mode, optimised for comfort during long video conferences.

Vanity & friendly URLs

Use custom subdomains for your team and create easy-to-remember room URLs for a simplified join experience.

SDK support

Embed a conference, control the UI and subscribe to events with just a few lines of Javascript.

CNAME / White-labelling

Complete the white-label experience with a CNAME record that points to your domain, giving your users the impression that the platform is yours.

Data privacy and security

Digital Samba's infrastructure, data handling and security meet industry-leading standards. You are backed up by European security and GDPR compliance.

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E2E-encryption (E2EE)

E2EE secures all video and audio streams, including shared screens, ensuring that the data is only accessible to the intended recipients and cannot be read or modified by unauthorised users.

Anonymised user IDs

Safeguard personally identifiable information with anonymous user IDs, enhancing platform privacy and security.

TLS encryption

Rest assured with our industry-standard TLS encryption that uses advanced algorithms and cypher suites, providing robust protection for your data transmissions

Token-based security

Manage entry to your rooms with JWT tokens, ensuring authorised access and enhanced protection for your sessions.

GDPR compliant

Digital Samba meets all the requirements and obligations under the GDPR regulation, ensuring that your personal data is properly handled and safeguarded.

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Stability & smooth connectivity

Experience reliable and adaptable video conferencing, equipped to handle varying bandwidth scenarios with flexible layout options for smooth connectivity.

Bandwidth management

Benefit from advanced simulcast algorithms to efficiently allocate bandwidth, ensuring optimal video quality.

Error detection and correction

We detect and correct connectivity issues, giving feedback to the user.

Join screen

Prepare yourself for the session by previewing and choosing your preferred devices before entering.

Audio devices check

Verify that your microphone and speakers are working correctly. Get helpful diagnostic feedback if your audio or video device is not recognised.

MOS scoring

Experience proactive detection and resolution of connectivity issues, with valuable feedback provided to the participant.

Auto reconnection

Enjoy seamless and stable conferencing, with automatic restoration of connection during network disruptions.

Plugins & connectors

Elevate your WordPress website and streamline your scheduling with Digital Samba's innovative plugins.

Video Conferencing Google Calendar Addon - Digital Samba 1-1

Wordpress plugin

A no-code solution allows for embedding Digital Samba's video conferencing into WordPress-powered websites in minutes, without any need for coding knowledge. Simply install the plugin into your WordPress admin panel, set it up, create a Digital Samba account, and start using video conferencing instantly.

Google Calendar plugin

Digital Samba's Google Calendar plugin enhances scheduling ease without extra downloads or tool switching. With one click, host large or 1-1 HD video meetings, customise branding, and access features like roles, permissions, and analytics.

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