5-minute Team Building Virtual Activities

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August 23, 2022

Virtual teams are a great way to connect, but there are challenges. One of the biggest challenges is that you don't spend time together, so it's hard to build camaraderie. 

There's no substitute for face-to-face time, but we've found some ways to simulate this with virtual meetings games and team-building exercises.

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What is your favourite movie quote?

Ask your team what their favourite movie quote is! 

This is a fun game to play at the end of a meeting. Ask people to share their favourite movie quote, and get them to say the movie and year it was made; the actor and actress who said the quote; and where in the movie they said it (some quotes have multiple uses). You can also ask them why they like this particular quote so much.

This is a great way to get people talking about something other than work, especially if there's been some tension in the office. Things often go better for everyone when we can relate more on a personal level outside of work hours. Besides, many people share beloved movie moments in common!

Where were you when this happened?

Pick a time, or global event, and ask where your team members were when it happened.

Everyone is susceptible to feeling nostalgic from time to time.

Luckily, we all share a common world and common events. Remember when Pokemon was all the rage? Where were you then?

Without fail, everyone has a story to tell– and surprisingly, we all have a lot in common, and can bond over reminiscing about iconic moments in time. However, this question can be a little tricky, since not everyone’s past was always peaches and rainbows, so be sure to give people lots of personal space when asking these questions during these kinds of get-to-know-you virtual meeting games.

If you could be any animal, what would it be?

Ask your team what animal they would be if they could be an animal.

Human beings grew up over countless generations around animals. They carry deep symbolic value to us– and you can tell a lot about a person by what kinds of animals they like, or identify with.

Here are some common favourites that tend to carry great significance.

  • Eagles: They fly high above the clouds and can see everything. They're majestic creatures who are respected by everyone around them. Plus, they’re cool—just look at those wings!
  • Lions: The king of the jungle! If you were a lion, you'd have a total confidence boost as soon as people saw your mane/tongue/facial hair combo. Nothing could get in your way because you'd be king or queen (or both) of the jungle!
  • Tigers: Strong, sleek and ferocious; tigers are known for being fierce animals with sharp teeth and claws that can tear through flesh like butter on hot toast... but they're also intelligent enough to understand when their prey is too strong to kill with one swipe of their paw; so they'll use strategy instead—and often times win because they know when not only how but also why things need to be done differently than expected.

What else could feel drawn to a particular animal tell you about the people you work with? This trick works no matter how distant your team members are.

fun game to play at the end of a meeting

Virtual Karaoke

You should consider playing Karaoke with your coworkers in an online meeting.

Let’s start with the basics! Karaoke is a really fun game from Japan that just about everyone in the world has heard about by now. It’s also really fun to play with your friends online! 

Nowadays, karaoke machines are sold as home entertainment systems that allow even those who aren't confident vocalists to enjoy singing their favourite songs on stage (or behind closed doors). So why not let your PC do the magic for you?

There are many different ways that people can join in on this fun virtual meeting game! Best of all, you can play Karaoke with your friends abroad in real-time now.

What are some of your hobbies?

What are some of your hobbies? Systematically go around the room and ask people!

This isn’t necessarily a game, but it’s a good way to get to know people. A wise person once explained that our real lives are what we do apart from our work. In other words, what we choose to do just for the sake of doing it is a truer expression of who we are than just our profession. While we are often drawn together occupationally in online meetings; you really need to know what people are into of their own accord to really know them.

All philosophical points aside, it's just a great way to relax and unwind.

It can help you meet new people. Some hobbies are easier than others to find groups for—hobbies that require equipment or space, like volleyball or rock climbing, will be harder to do alone. But if you enjoy reading or coding, there's probably an online community out there for you already!

Hobbies can help preserve your sanity, especially when working from home (which most of us are). The challenge is finding a hobby that works with the limited free time we have as remote workers—so being able to relax and recharge is important!

Discovering common hobbies increases the chances that team members will form friendships after-hours, which can lower the propensity for costly company turnover. Plus, it’s fun to make friends!

Who is the most famous person you have met?

Ask people “Who’s the most famous person you have met?”

Some people talk about meeting their heroes and what they learned from them. Other people talk about how they met someone famous and it didn't really mean anything. The purpose of this activity is to have fun sharing stories with others.

  • Who is the most famous person you have met?
  • What did you talk about?
  • What was the most interesting thing you learned about them?
  • What did you think of them?
  • What did you learn from them?

As a group, people have enormously surprising networking ranges. Five degrees of separation is a social concept that applies to just one person, imagine finding out the famous people that a group of people are connected to!

Reverse scavenger hunt

A reverse scavenger hunt is a game you can play online where the host either starts by naming an object or holding up an object– whoever in the room gets closest gets to choose the next round!

You’d be surprised at the kinds of interesting objects that people keep within arms’ reach when working from home. Try having everyone hold up an object that they have near them, and see if they can match with other people in the room who have the same things. 

In this exercise, sometimes people pick what they believe to be pretty interesting and rare objects as conversation pieces– but in groups, it’s surprisingly often the case that even wacky items have a pretty close equivalent match from another person that you would never imagine! 

It’s also kind of a safe game since people voluntarily opt for what interesting objects they want to share with the room. (pet cats usually come out!)

Geoguessr, but who is closest?

Geoguessr is a fun online game you can play in a virtual group meeting by just having the host share their screen!

The classic and fun geography exploration game Geuguessr is great on its own, and even when played directly how it is designed when in a group!

But, if you’re inclined to spice up the rules, you can have each team member guess who is closest to each random point on the world that Geoguessr generates. You might have multiple people say “Hey! That looks like where I grew up!” even though they’re from totally different places in the world!

This is one game that’s actually more fun in geographically diverse friend groups online. Plus, you get to see some really interesting and sometimes beautiful places in the world together! A truly enlightening bonding experience from a virtual team meeting idea!

What is your favourite thing about this company (or department)?

Ask your coworkers what their favourite thing is about working for your company!

Consider light follow-up questions like:

  • What is your favourite thing about this company (or department)?
  • Why do you like it?

A fun way to think about what you like about a certain culture, department or team is to create a list. This helps people remember the things that are important and the ways in which they affect their everyday lives at work.

- What is the company culture? - What are the values of that culture? - What is their mission or vision? - How does it affect your everyday life at work: positive and negative aspects

This is not only valuable time to let team members speak their minds and talk amongst one another, but it’s a good barometer for management to know the company’s strengths, and possibly some areas for improvement.

the company culture

Virtual team meeting games help bring your team together

Virtual meeting games serve as excellent icebreakers for meetings and play a pivotal role in forging relationships and fostering trust. They can significantly lift spirits, creating a more congenial work environment. It's a well-documented reality that colleagues who engage in team meeting ice breakers games are more inclined to develop enduring friendships. Transitioning from mere email exchanges to spontaneous phone conversations requires a middle ground.

That’s the gap fun games for virtual team meetings aim to fill.

In pursuit of strategies to enliven your online meetings, these interactive games for meetings could be the perfect solution to unite your team, transforming the remote work experience from a solitary endeavour into a more collaborative and engaging pursuit.

In the digital realm where we operate, the human element can sometimes be overshadowed. Virtual meeting fun activities are a potent reminder that there are real people on the other side of the screen, striving for connection just like you.

Integrating fun activities for online meetings or opting for a fun activity for virtual meetings can significantly boost team spirit and camaraderie. For a quick engagement, even 5-minute games for virtual meetings can be surprisingly effective.

Whether you're after the fun team meeting games or looking for the best meeting icebreakers, incorporating fun games for meetings or fun meeting icebreakers can transform your session into an enjoyable and memorable event. Engage your team with fun conference call games or interactive ice breakers for meetings, and watch as your virtual meet-ups transform into a dynamic and connected experience.


When it comes to having effective virtual meetings, one of the most important things to remember is that your people need a little bit of extra attention. While you should still make sure that your meeting is on time and organised, several other things can help set it apart from in-person sessions.

Even across time-zone separations, cultural barriers, and literally a whole world apart; people will find a way to collaborate on common goals. Work can bring us together but it doesn’t have to work to bring people together; it can be fun!

In today's digitally connected world, virtual team meeting games are essential in building camaraderie, trust, and collaboration. However, a seamless virtual connection is equally paramount, and that's where Digital Samba's video conferencing API and SDK come into play. As a GDPR-compliant, EU-hosted, and end-to-end encrypted video conferencing provider, Digital Samba offers cutting-edge solutions to enhance your virtual meetings and engagements.

Our video meeting API enables businesses to embed video calling on their website, allowing for more personal and engaging online interactions. Whether you want to integrate a video room API into your software products or add embedded video conferencing to your website, our tailor-made solutions are designed to facilitate meaningful connections, regardless of geographical barriers.

With Digital Samba, you not only get the technological edge to host virtual team-building activities and games but also ensure that your communications remain secure and compliant with European regulations. Let's transform your virtual team meetings into engaging, interactive, and secure experiences together! Feel free to reach out to explore how we can customise our solutions to your unique needs.


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