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December 7, 2022

You asked, and we listened. You’re not just a customer to us - you are a partner and have a say in what goes into our roadmap. It’s all part of the agile development process that we firmly believe in.

Table of contents 

  1. Top 5 new features released in Autumn
  2. Other cool features released this Autumn
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Our autumn releases see your most recent requests pushed into the platform, alongside some updates that expand the ways in which you can use Digital Samba.

Top 5 new features released in autumn

We highlight the most impactful features that we released in autumn below.

Video SDK for Embedded Meetings

We announced the release of our new Video Software Development Kit (the Digital Samba Video SDK), which is a complementary, stand-alone component of our Embedded Meetings product.

Digital Samba Embedded video calling API and SDK, video conferencing API and SDK, Video API and SDK-min-1

The SDK gives you the power to externally control the video conferences that you embed. It is written in TypeScript and is provided as an npm package, released under the permissive 2-Clause BSD open-source licence. Find out more here.

Cloud recordings for Embedded Meetings

We launched cloud recordings in the Embedded Meetings product, which allows you to record your meetings in real time.

Digital Samba Embedded - Video SDK and Video Conferencing API - New Cloud Recording Feature (MP4) 2-min-1

Cloud recordings capture all session activity and produce an MP4 file that is available almost immediately, as opposed to some solutions, which require you to wait for extensive post-processing to complete.

Digital Samba Embedded Meetings videoconferencing API & Video SDK 2-min

We took great care with the UI and the UX to ensure an intuitive experience with a low learning curve. On the admin side, recording management features are available via the dashboard or via the API. Read the full announcement here.

Chat functionality for Embedded Meetings

Digital Samba Embedded - Video SDK and Video Conferencing API - New Cloud Recording Feature (MP4) 5-min-1

It goes without saying that you want the ability to send chat messages in a video conferencing product. In its current iteration, the basics are there.

You can send chat messages to other users, and URLs are rendered as links that open content in a new window. Keep your eye on this one, as we will be expanding the feature set rapidly in coming releases.

Time limits for breakout rooms

We gave love to our non-embedded product line as well, with the introduction of time limits in breakout rooms. Breakout rooms are an extremely popular feature, allowing groups of users to spin off into subgroups for focused discussions.

Digital Samba - Breakout rooms time limits-min

We added time limits to keep those discussions in check, by automatically ending breakout sessions after a time that you define. This is especially useful for event organisers and educational users.

Breakout rooms will find their way into our Embedded Meetings product as well, stay tuned.

Revamped Account Center

The non-embedded product line (and Embedded Webinars) are powered by our Account Center, which is an administrative back-end to all those products.

Welcome to Digital Samba - virtual classrooms, webinar platform, meeting software, embedded video api and video sdk-min

Over the years, it has grown a little stale, so we rolled up our sleeves and revamped the whole thing. It is more attractive and user-friendly, and the UX has been streamlined to allow for more intuitive management.

The branding section has also been simplified, and you can now access all customisation options in one place.

Other cool features released this Autumn

  • Control the number of video tiles on the screen

B2B customers of the non-embedded product line now have access to a setting that allows you to limit the number of video tiles displayed on the screen simultaneously. When it comes to screen clutter, opinions vary, and this setting allows you to determine how much is too much.

  • Hide the toolbar for pre-loaded iframe 

In all product lines, conference organisers can now choose to hide the toolbar in pre-loaded iframes, making embedded video streams more customisable and potentially more presentable.

  • Updates to the dashboard for Embedded Meetings

As we continue to pack functionality into the front end of the Embedded Meetings product, the dashboard is keeping pace with the introduction of a whole host of new features that allow the embedded meeting to be controlled and administered. Create teams, manage users, control sessions, administer recordings, monitor usage - it’s all there.

  • Disable the participant's panel in Embedded Meetings

Are you an integrator and don’t want to use our participants panel? Perhaps you have no need for it, or you would rather create your own and track users that way. No problem, we gave you a setting that lets you disable it in the Embedded Meetings product. 

Read more about our recent updates in our release notes.

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