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September 5, 2022

Today we have an important announcement: Samba Live is being rebranded. We're introducing new products, new pricing, and new technology, and, to mark the occasion, we’re taking our brand back to its roots. From this day forward, our platform will be known as Digital Samba. 

The world is full of change. Virtual communication is no exception. The pandemic has caused video conferencing to explode in popularity. People and organisations are using virtual communication everywhere and all the time, finally reaching ubiquitous acceptance levels. 

Table of contents:

    1. Digital Samba for Meetings
    2. Digital Samba Embedded
  1. Pricing changes
    1. Digital Samba for Webinars
    2. Digital Samba for Education
  2. The future

Drivers of change

Digital Samba is nineteen years old, soon to be twenty. Like any teenager entering adulthood, our identity and appearance are changing. We are reinventing ourselves.

In 2020 one of our founders left. At the same time, lockdowns opened a door we had not expected. Seeing the incredible scale of video conferencing usage, we realised what we had in front of us. A wonderful opportunity to reposition the company and move on in a new direction. 

Our customers’ satisfaction has always been our number one priority. This hasn’t changed and never will. After an internal restructuring and external facelift, we are rejuvenated and ready to grow with our customers.

“From today, we are returning to our roots. Samba Live will be known as Digital Samba. This is our original company name and represents our founding principles. A fresh image and innovative new products will allow us to keep growing and improving our customers’ experience. We could not be more grateful to our loyal customers and partners and look forward to the exciting times ahead.” - Robert Strobl, founder and CEO at Digital Samba.

Would it be a relaunch without exciting changes and new products? The new Digital Samba is ready to deliver.

New Product Launches

Digital Samba for Meetings

Digital Samba for Meetings is a stable, secure and GDPR-compliant video conferencing solution for day-to-day communications. It’s suitable for remote teams of all sizes and budgets. The meeting platform offers complete customisation and a big toolbox of interactive features.

HE_Meeting software Digital Samba

Digital Samba for Meetings pricing plans:

  • Starter - Everything you need for daily communication with up to 100 participants. Includes a single-user license, no limit on meeting duration, unlimited sessions, customisable branding, whiteboard, email automation, 5 cloud recordings, 2 breakout rooms per session and more. Billed annually at €9/month.

  • Team - Suitable for up to 300 participants. Includes all Starter plan features, a multi-user account centre, 25 cloud recordings, 25 simultaneous broadcasters, private chats, 10 breakout rooms per session, reporting,  statistics and more. Billed annually at €11/month.

  • Business - A feature-rich package suitable for up to 500 participants. Includes all Team plan features, 5 GB content library, web-apps integration, 100 cloud recordings, and video sharing. Billed annually at €18/month.

  • Enterprise - Full white labelling available,  complete with Restful API and a reseller license. Contact us for a price quote.

Digital Samba Embedded

Digital Samba Embedded is replacing Samba Live OEM. The product includes new technology and new product plans. Digital Samba Embedded now allows customers to embed a live conferencing front-end into any web page with just a few lines of code. 

Video api

Behind the scenes, customers can use our API to boost the front-end experience by adding multiple features. Digital Samba’s new video API is built by developers, for developers. Consider WebRTC headaches a thing of the past. 

There are two main Digital Samba Embedded plan types, Embedded for Meetings and Embedded for Webinars. 

Digital Samba Embedded pricing plans:

  • Free (Meetings) - A plan suitable for those who want to test-drive Digital Samba Embedded (Meetings) and integrate high-quality video calls into software or websites for free. This plan includes 3000 monthly participant minutes, up to 49 concurrent participants, video streams, mobile compatibility, two languages, custom colours and layouts and more. 

  • Meetings - A GDPR-compliant, end-to-end encrypted (coming soon), certified and easy-to-use video conferencing platform as a service. This product includes all Free Plan features, 25,000 monthly participant minutes, with additional minutes charged at €0.004 per minute, up to 100 participants, and training. Billed monthly or annually at €99/month.

  • Webinars - Embedded Webinars runs on a feature-rich platform with a proven track record. It is perfect for large-scale webinars, streams, meetings and classes. It includes a comprehensive webinar feature suite and can host end-to-end encrypted video conferences with up to 2000 participants, 7 languages, full white labelling and cloud-stored recordings. Contact us for a price quote.

  • Enterprise - A bespoke solution for large organisations. Includes a reseller licence, volume discounts, unlimited participant minutes, customisable feature set, super-admin account centre and priority support. Contact us for a price quote.

“Digital Samba has almost 2 decades of experience building browser-based video conferencing software. We’ve used this knowledge to build video conferencing, so you don’t have to. Using Digital Samba Embedded you can write one simple line of code and give your users a great video conferencing experience without having to worry about scalability, security or latency.” - Jorge Maiquez, founder and COO at Digital Samba.

Learn more about Digital Samba Embedded here.

Pricing Changes

Digital Samba for Webinars

As part of our relaunch, we’ve made our Digital Samba for Webinars pricing plans more efficient. We now have streamlined Starter, Professional and Business plans for small to medium-sized organisations and bespoke custom plans for large enterprises. 


Each plan includes interactive and collaborative features like breakout rooms, whiteboard, polls, Q&A and more. Our new pricing structure ensures that customers only pay for the features they need. From sending out invitation links, to HD-streaming and analysing post-event statistics, Digital Samba has everything you need for your perfect webinar. 

Digital Samba for Webinars pricing plans:

  • Starter - Everything you need to host your first webinar with up to 100 participants. Includes one host account, unlimited registrants, three breakout rooms, up to 50 cloud-stored recordings, 1 GB content library, interactive features, advanced scheduling, and more. Billed annually at €37/month.

  • Professional - Suitable for professional webinar organisers hosting up to 250 attendees. Includes all Starter Plan features, unlimited hosts, 300 breakout rooms, 100 cloud-stored recordings, 2 GB cloud storage, branding features, multi-user account centre, RESTful API and more. Billed annually at €56/month.

  • Business - A premium plan for large organisations hosting webinars for up to 500 attendees. Includes all Professional Plan features, 150 cloud recordings, a 5 GB content library, onboarding and training, priority support, and a dedicated account manager. Billed annually at €89/month.

  • Enterprise - A comprehensive event software for the largest organisations and resellers. Suitable for hosting engaging webinars with up to 2000 attendees. Includes a customisable feature set, bundle discounts, white labelling, reseller licence, unlimited cloud storage, and unlimited telephony minutes. Contact us today for a  bespoke price quote.

Learn more about Digital Samba for Webinars pricing here.

Digital Samba for Education

Samba Live for Education has become Digital Samba for Education. Digital Samba’s virtual classroom platform is tailored toward individuals and institutions who need an innovative and reliable virtual learning environment with flexible pricing plans.


These new plans acknowledge that educational institutions' needs differ from those in the event and meeting space. Our new Starter and Professional plans are tailored towards individual tutors, while Institution plans cover the needs of larger educational organisations.

Digital Samba for Education pricing plans:

  • Starter - A feature-rich virtual classroom for groups of up to 15 students. Includes nine active videos, 10 stored cloud recordings, 1 GB content library, web apps integration, breakout rooms, polling and Q&A, whiteboard, email automation, event scheduling, email and chat support and more.

  • Professional - An online teaching and learning space for up to 35 students. Includes Starter plan features, with up to 16 active speakers, 2 GB content library, 25 cloud recordings, branding features, attendee registration, landing pages & custom registration forms.

  • Institution - A multi-user account suitable for up to 20 teachers and 55 students per classroom. Includes all Professional Plan features, 20 permanent meeting rooms, 25 simultaneous broadcasters, 40 GB content library, 250 cloud recordings, a multi-user account centre, parallel classes and video bookmarks. 

  • Enterprise - Enjoy a unique feature set and host up to 2000 attendees. Includes white labelling, reseller licence, bundle discounts, customisable feature set, unlimited cloud storage, RESTful API, dedicated account manager and more. Contact us for a custom enterprise plan quote. 

The Future

We hope you are as excited about the relaunch as we are. 19 years of development and innovation have led us to this moment. Our new products and pricing changes will help our customers get the most from Digital Samba.

Small and medium-sized organisations now have a wide range of appealing packages. Large enterprises can now order bespoke plans that address their unique needs and challenges.

We have plenty more announcements planned for you for the next months. Make sure to subscribe and get our updates straight to your inbox. The journey goes on.

To get a quote or test-drive Digital Samba for free, contact us.

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