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Top 5 webinar recording software

Robert Strobl
March 25, 2022

Webinars are one of the fastest-growing communication and marketing tools available. We use webinars to communicate with remote colleagues, generate leads, deliver presentations, and more. 

Recording functionality in a webinar platform is a must. How can you make the most out of recordings?

Here are some practical uses for recording sessions: 

  • Evaluating sales performance
  • Pre-preparing educational courses
  • Pre-recording keynote speeches
  • Re-watching an important meeting

What is webinar recording software?

There is software geared explicitly towards recording webinars, but we won’t be looking at these. It is much more practical to use webinar software with in-built recording capabilities. Integrated recording removes a lot of the annoyance of using separate software and is convenient.

Top 5 webinar recording platforms

If you want to know the best webinar recording software, then this is the article for you.

We have reviewed the top 5 webinar recording platforms and compared them. Let’s take a look at these and see if they are any good.

1. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is a highly regarded all-in-one webinar platform. A good choice for those looking to teach classes, generate leads or deliver presentations. WebinarJam handles the entire webinar process from registration to replay.


WebinarJam has many of the cool features we expect from an all-in-one platform: customisation, recording, filesharing, private chat, mobile access, and event management. 

WebinarJam has a couple of cool, unique features. During meetings, the host has access to a “panic button.” If something goes wrong during the meeting, the host can press this to remake the meeting and reinvite all attendees instantly.


The obvious con with WebinarJam is the cost, starting at $490/year and no free version available. Some users also think that the translations from languages that aren’t English have a few mistakes. Users also report that this platform is geared more towards marketers. Typically customer services take a day or two to respond to tickets.

2. Webex

Webex is Cisco’s take on modern webinar recording software. Webex is marketed as a very engaging and interactive webinar platform. It is suitable for all types of webinar users and is accessible via most platforms. 


Webex has many valuable features. Users enjoy the interactive and engaging aspects like polling, emojis, reactions, and Q&As. They particularly like how Webex interacts with other products from the Cisco portfolio. The cost of Webex is relatively low compared to similar platforms ($13.5/month).


Some users feel Webex UI could be more user-friendly and looks dated compared to other platforms. Webex isn’t fully integrated with the MS office package, a separate add-in is required for this functionality. Webex works best with other Cisco software. Most people would consider this a negative.

3. WebinarGeek

WebinarGeek is another all-in-one, widely available webinar solution. It comes with standard features like customisation, session recording, messaging, etc. WebinarGeek is well regarded overall by users. 


WebinarGeek makes it super easy to set up webinars. Beginner webinar hosts say they were surprised at how easy it was to host a successful event. WebinarGeek users are pleased by the level of customer support available. WebinarGeek is affordable at only €19/month.


The free version has limited functionality, but a free trial is always a positive. It lakes the advanced features of more expensive platforms.

4. Webinar Ninja

WebinarNinja markets itself as a high-end webinar software solution. WebinarNinja packs in many features and focuses on the presentation itself, not the tech.


WebinarNinja users are pleased with the level of support offered. People also like that video can be easily incorporated into live broadcasts. The designers at WebinarNinja are constantly listening to customers and adding new features.


The paid version of WebinarNinja is the most expensive we have reviewed, costing $83/month. The pricing makes it more suited to businesses and organisations, but it may still be within the budget of individual users.

5. Samba Live

Whatever your webinar goals are, Samba Live has everything you need to achieve them. Samba Live is packed full of features: 

  • HD broadcasting
  • HD video recording
  • Full customisation 
  • Mobile app
  • Interactive features
  • API & LTI/LMS integration
  • Screen sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Shared notes
  • Much more

In addition to these fantastic features, Samba Live pro starts at only €49 per month. Samba Live Pro Plus comes with even more functionality and costs €75 per month. 

Interesting in giving Samba Live a try? Start your free trial today through this link. If you want, book a demo, and our dedicated customer service representatives will spend 30 minutes showing you how to get the most from Samba Live.


Samba Live has an unbelievable amount of features. Check out the complete list here. These make Samba Live the best webinar recording platform for most businesses and individuals.

Users love how customisable the platform is. Use this guide to learn how to fully customise Samba Live.


Samba Live users don’t have any significant issues with the platform. Like any platform, new features are added to keep the platform up to date.

The verdict 

The best webinar recording software is the one that helps you achieve your webinar goals. Check out our guide on choosing the best webinar software to help you make the best choice. 

Samba Live can accommodate the webinar goals of virtually any business or individual. They offer an incredible variety of features at an excellent price point. Samba Live can be compared favourably to any other platform on the market and has strong credentials to be classed as the best. 

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