Samba Live 5.36

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April 4, 2022

Available from: 03 April 2022

Our latest update introduces several improvements to our Account Center, which includes the addition of the new Breakout Room options in the API settings and improving the two-factor authentication system.

Additionally, we've continued revamping the mobile app menu design and fixed minor issues across our platform. Read more about all bug fixes and new features below.

Account Center

 New Features

  • The new Breakout Room options "Allow Audience users to freely move around Breakout Rooms" and "Allow everyone to broadcast" are now available via API calls.
  • Implemented a platform-level network info webpage with easy-to-follow guidelines and technical information for common network issues.
  • Improved the existing two-factor authentication system for increased security.


  • Added CSV to the list of unsupported filetypes in the Content Library to prevent users from attaching files that are later not displayed.
  • Resolved issue wherein when a user joined on an unsupported browser, they got redirected to the mobile page.
  • Updated the advanced scheduling settings to check the "Allow everyone to broadcast" option by default when enabling Breakout Rooms.
  • Updated the keyboard commands when editing a recording so that when a user presses "Enter," the changes are saved.



  • Resolved issue wherein the bulk actions menu was missing after consecutively assigning broadcast and presentation permissions.
  • Resolved issue wherein the recording showed content in a thumbnail and a Speaker stream in the stage area when it should have been the opposite.
  • Resolved issue wherein contextual menus, triggered from panels, were being overlapped by notifications.


 New Features

  • Moved the cam and mic icons out of the menu and into the main screen for quick access.


  • Resolved issue wherein a private answer was revealed to all Audience users when the question was set to public vote.


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