Samba Live 5.35

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March 21, 2022

Available from: 20 March 2022

Samba Live 5.35 covers improvements to the Usage Statistics and Telephony section in the Account Center.

In the Content Library section during a meeting, speakers can now conduct Polls anonymously. By enabling this feature, 'voter' information will not be collected in the poll results.

In pursuit of a better mobile app user experience, we've improved the menu design, making it more legible and elegant.

Lastly, we were able to resolve some minor issues across our platform.


Account Center

 New Features

  • Enabled usage statistics interval setting feature for Moderator accounts.
  • Added a phone number search functionality in the Telephony section.


  • Updated the 'unsupported browser' page with clearer messaging.
  • Resolved an issue wherein personal join links were not working when clicking the 'desktop' version on the mobile landing page.


 New Features

  • Added new functionality - Anonymous Polls. Speakers now have the option to add polls that will be answered by voters anonymously.
  • Added a tooltip text to the Emoji Reactions toolbar icon.
  • Improved Vimeo support - 'unlisted' and 'recurring events'. Vimeo URL patterns can now be played back in a room.


  • Updated the Q&A "Ask Anonymously" functionality. When users with a set profile picture ask anonymously, the profile picture will be substituted by a circle with their initials.
  • Resolved an issue wherein when all the breakout rooms were deleted, the Breakout Room panel was empty and was not showing the "Create Breakout Rooms" button.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Breakout Room button was not showing for an Audience user when moving from the Lobby to a Breakout Room.
  • Removed unnecessary and distracting items from the Vimeo and Youtube player headings.
  • Resolved an issue wherein a private answer was revealed to all audiences when the question was set to public vote.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the participant list didn't render correctly when two users joined a hybrid session by phone.
  • Improved Speakers' capability to recover a PhoneSync connection.


 New Features

  • Revamped the mobile menu with a more elegant and legible design.


  • Fixed an issue wherein Breakout Rooms were not working for a mobile user in a private session.

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