Samba Live 5.38

1 min read
May 2, 2022

Available from: 01 May 2022

Our latest update features improvements to the Raise Hand functionality and minor updates and bug fixes for the Branding settings and Content Library.

We have continually added improvements to our Mobile App and fixed minor issues. In this update, we've also added the Screen Sharing functionality for Android.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Account color branding will now be applied to public pages by default.


  • Resolved issue wherein the date format used in public pages did not match the format set in the account settings.
  • Updated the configuration for 'tiled videos per page' to avoid confusion.


 New Features

  • Extended the functionality of our “Raise Hand” icon: Non-broadcasters will continue to use it to request broadcast permissions, but now Speakers and users with broadcast permissions can use it to request a turn to speak unobtrusively.
  • Removed the 'Attachments' folder from the Content Library. The added value of this feature was questionable as users were confused about its functionality.
  • Updated the "End Session" dialog box with more concise messaging.



 New Features

  • Android Speakers can now share their screens with all other participants.
  • We extended the functionality of our “Raise Hand” icon in consistency with the corresponding in-room improvement listed above.







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