Samba Live 5.44

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July 25, 2022

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Available from: 24 July 2022

Samba Live 5.44 introduces an improved notification system to ensure that Speakers will never miss important messages or notifications. 

Additionally, Speakers are now able to set the default layout for the session in the Advanced Scheduling Settings.

Uploading and viewing video files, PDFs, slide presentations, and Youtube links in the Content Library are now fully supported for Mobile App Users.


Account Center 

 New Features

  • Added an option in the Advanced Scheduling Settings to set the default layout for the session (full screen, tiled, or mixed).
  • Added a new option to the Service Plan Settings, allowing Account Holders to default-enable/disable the Raise Hand feature when creating a new room.


 New Features

  • Implemented a new Advanced Notifications template to ensure all important messages are well received. Speakers will now see a clear notification on the upper left corner of the screen when a new user joins the Lobby, when someone is asking a question, raising hand, or requesting to broadcast, or when receiving an invitation to join a Breakout Room. This new notification design also applies to Broadcasted messages in the Breakout Rooms. Furthermore, the Advanced Notifications template affords taking action directly from the notification itself, allowing participants to be more present.
  • Added slide numbers to all pages in the Content Library's slide panel.
  • Added a new option to the Workspace Settings allowing Speakers to enable/disable the Raise Hand feature.


 New Features

  • Mobile users in the Content Library can now add and open multipage documents (PDFs and slide presentations), video files (MP4), and Youtube links.




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