3 Effective Webinar Invitation Email Examples

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April 27, 2022

As explored in our other blog post about how to write a perfect webinar invitation, webinar email invitations can follow a format that makes them effective and easy to write.

Here are some webinar invitation examples from very different angles, from a few common categories that follow that format.

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B2B webinar template

Business-to-business webinars are fairly common for businesses that have technical sales. Think of these as online trade shows, and you’ll get a good perspective on who attends B2B webinars.

Let’s run through a business event invitation email sample, omitting the graphical elements of the webinar invitation email.

Let’s say that you’re a software company that wants to familiarise your customers’ tech support with your product’s features because you noticed that your customers aren’t utilising your product’s full potential.

Title: “You’re invited to [software company]’s tech support training webinar.”
First header: Wednesday at 2 pm, GMT, register here → [registration link]

Second header: Meet the developers, and get free training on how to get the most out of your software from [software company]

First statement: We will be hosting an informative meet-and-greet webinar for our current and prospective clients’ IT and management staff this upcoming Wednesday.

Second statement: Ask your questions directly to our product managers and developers, and learn about our available certification course enrollments to get better use of our services. Learn more about how [your software category] can improve your organisation’s effectiveness. Give us tips on your ideas for how we can better serve you.

Last statement: Have questions? Great! Reach out to us!

B2C webinar sample template

3 effective webinar invitation email examples

Webinars are excellent and cost-effective mass-marketing tools. This makes them some of the most efficient tools for marketing to consumers.

Many brand companies chose to get started with webinars because of the rich levels of feedback that are only achievable at scale through this particular digital medium.

Let’s take a look at how a hypothetical electronics product brand might put together a webinar email invitation to promote an upcoming product-line release to hardcore enthusiasts.

Title: You’re invited to attend [Brand name]’s webinar for upcoming products!

First header: Tuesday at 6pm, EST. Register here → [link to landing page]

Second header: This season we are reaching out to enthusiasts and our loyal customers by hosting this unique pre-order exclusive Webinar event.

First statement: Get a sneak peek at some awesome pre-release products coming out next season! RSVP to get an exclusive chance to pre-order and meet the designers!

Second statement: Meet the developers, give us your feedback, receive unique promotional offers, and lock in your pre-orders for this upcoming summer’s product line releases!

Last statement: Register now, or contact us for further inquiries.

Webinar series invitation

Webinars are the most interactive mass-media option at the disposal of marketers and promoters. In line with maximising interaction, employing a strategy to find email by name enhances the personalisation of webinar invitations, fostering a deeper connection with potential attendees. As any marketer knows, repeat messaging is one of the most critical elements of an effective marketing campaign.

video conferencing software 2022_11zon

Because of this universal fact, many webinars come in series in order to cultivate a devoted following.

Let’s take a look at an example webinar email promotion for a university that wants to train its own staff on IT security. 

At first glance, this may not seem like a marketing problem– but it absolutely is. In-house training participation and engagement have the same set of challenges that marketers have.

A webinar invitation email template for such a series might look something like this:

Title: You are encouraged to attend [University]’s Webinar on IT security, with this week’s topic: Fishy links!

First header: Monday at 5 pm, UTC+1. RSVP here → [link to registration page]

Second header: For all of our faculty and staff who use email, we have invited our security experts to educate us this week about “Phishing!”

First statement: We want you to attend our weekly educational Webinar on IT security. This week’s guest host is [Expert name], who is an expert in the field of malicious social engineering attacks, and email phishing security holes.

Second statement: Help do your part in securing our university against malicious cyber-attacks through our group consultation with real experts.

Last statement: Submit your write-ins now here. [link to email contact]

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Explanations & conclusions

Webinars are versatile promotional tools with low cost, high user interaction, and scalable reach that offer some of the highest conversion rates possible in the marketing world. 

According to BloggingWizard.com, almost 73% of B2B webinar attendees convert to leads.

However utilising these amazing marketing tools requires a consistent strategy for success. These webinar speaker invitation email samples are meant to run through how one consistent invitation email template can be used to effectively promote virtually any webinar.

There is more to effective webinars than just the initial invitation. In fact, most of your goals will be met after the webinar takes place, which is why it is important to also send a follow-up email for webinars.

Good webinar software will support this whole process end-to-end; from planning to invitations & attendance to hosting, and then to follow-up. Since every step along the process is important, it is also very important to choose the right webinar platform which has end-to-end functionality.

Following a sample event email invitation, or RSVP confirmation email template is a good way to get started with writing a webinar invitation message sample.

Luckily, writing effective webinar invitation emails is fairly formulaic – especially if your organisation hosts webinars regularly. The focus on graphics and efficiently directing users’ attention to where it needs to go is another key component for establishing a reliable invitation email template that can be recycled for many webinar topics. 

The most important part of writing effective webinar email invitations is to efficiently cover the basics information that an attendee needs to know in order to decide whether they will or will not attend a webinar:

  • What the invitation is about. (Your webinar topic)
  • Where they can register to attend. (RSVP link)
  • Who your webinar is for. (Whether this applies to them or not)
  • Why they ought to attend. (A short justification for them to attend the webinar)

Keeping these basics in mind is a reliable way to efficiently make webinar invitations that work.

Powering your webinars with Digital Samba

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