Samba Live 5.37

1 min read
April 18, 2022

Available from: 17 April 2022

Samba Live 5.37 features updates to the Account Center and minor bug fixes in the Content Library, Polls, and Screen Sharing components, significantly improving platform functionality.


Account Center

 New Features

  • Added two new columns in the recording statistics dashboard listing the total recordings and total storage space used by each user.
  • Editing first name, last name, and profile image URL are now allowed in the POST /invitee and POST /user_invitee API calls.


  • Updated the Email Header recommended dimensions to 600px x 90px.



  • Resolved issue wherein PDF files with rich and high-resolution images did not upload properly in the Content Library.
  • Resolved issue wherein the "Send" button in Polls was covered by thumbnails.
  • Resolved issue wherein the option to share poll results was available before any results had been entered.
  • When a screen share fails due to system permission issues, users will now receive a popup message with details on how to fix it.


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