Samba Live awarded by G2 in 2022 Spring Report

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April 14, 2022

We are constantly working hard to improve our product and do the best we can for our customers. 2022 has been an exceptional year, seeing us receive dozens of positive reviews for our virtual classroom product.

We have some fantastic news, G2 has recognised us as a high performer in their Spring 2022 Report for Virtual Classroom Software.G2-banner-white-2400

The G2 award is a testament to our commitment to producing a top-quality virtual classroom. It also recognises that we are quickly becoming a powerful force in the virtual classroom space. Customers are consistently choosing us over larger competitors. We would like to thank our valued customers for their honest and thorough reviews on

We are incredibly pleased to have been recognised as a High Performer by G2. It’s a positive reflection of all our hard work. We have come a long way, but, we still have a long way to go. We look forward to continually adding value to our customers' businesses and being the best we can be.” -  said Robert Strobl, founder and CEO at Digital Samba.

What is G2 and the Spring Report?

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where companies can discover and review software solutions. They are one of the most trusted software review sites on the web, receiving more than 60 million visitors per year. 

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All reviews on G2 are 100% unbiased, authentic, and validated. Validated reviews mean that websites can’t cheat their way to a high score by posting lots of fake reviews. G2 only lists legitimate software solutions that add value to their field. 

G2 produces a quarterly report for each software genre. They compare each piece of software based on a thorough and fair methodology. G2 Grid for the top Virtual Classroom Software products can be found here.

Being named as a high-performer in a G2 report is an amazing achievement because it means that real people love and use your product. Our inclusion on the Spring 2022 list demonstrates that we are growing rapidly and that our customers are happy to recommend us. Almost 90% of Samba Live Virtual Classroom users would recommend us to a friend.

What Our Customers Love

The Spring 2022 G2 report lists satisfaction ratings for each recipient. We are delighted to report that customers are 95% satisfied with our customer support and 96% satisfied with our ease of use. Check out some of what our customers had to say about us:

As you can see, our customers are very satisfied with the Samba Live Virtual Classroom. Samba Live is a complete, off-the-shelf video communication solution. Customers use Samba Live for webinars, video conferencing, and as a fully customizable white-label software solution. 

What Does This Award Mean for Samba Live Virtual Classroom?

Being recognised as a high performer by G2 is a massive step. It means we are heading in the right direction. We are thrilled to see that so many customers think we add value to their businesses. 

We are pleased to have received such a high customer service rating. We put a lot of emphasis on providing customer support beyond simple troubleshooting. It means a lot to us that this is noticeable to our customers.

Going forward, we want to keep growing with our customers and make the Samba Live Virtual Classroom a market leader. Our goal is to produce a world-class virtual classroom loved by our customers. 

Did you know?

At Samba Live, we have a fair and competitive pricing strategy. Subscriptions start from just €49/month. We offer affordable scalability for established and growing businesses alike. Request a demo or sign up today.

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