Release Notes 5.46

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August 28, 2022

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Available from: 28 Aug 2022

Digital Samba 5.46 introduces the implementation of some of the most-requested features across the platform.

In the Account Settings, we've added a new option to allow/disallow roles to start a session. This will allow Audience users and users with a Custom role to enter a session and upload their presentations, even if no Speaker is yet inside the room.

Allow start session Account Settings


Additionally, we've added a new in-room functionality allowing Participants to pause and unpause their video streams.

Pause video feature


Lastly, inviting Speakers to Breakout Rooms is now available for Mobile Users.

invite speakers to join breakout


Read more about our latest updates and fixes below.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Added a new permission to allow/disallow roles to start a session. 
  • Added a new section to the Account Settings page with options to place video controls on top or bottom.
  • Added a Service Plan setting to limit the number of Breakout Rooms per session.


  • Updated the Account Settings languaging in the 'Default video display settings' options with clearer context.
  • Set the HTML lang attribute dynamically based on logged-in participants' set language. This means that participants utilising automatic translators, e.g., Google Translate, can now get correct translations of in-room content and UI.



 New Features

  • Added new functionality - pausing video streams. This allows participants to freeze their video stream so that they can give a sense of presence to everyone in the room when setting up for a meeting, taking quick breaks, or having a slow connection.
  • Speakers can now edit the Audience users' names during the session runtime. This feature is also available on mobile.



 New Features

  • Mobile users that are in Breakout Rooms can now invite Speakers to join their room.
  • Updated the Samba Live logo, description, and app name to "Digital Samba".
  • Files and folders in the Content Library will now be sorted alphabetically by default.
  • Added an option for Mobile Speakers to move Breakout Room participants to the Main Room. If a Speaker removes a participant from the Breakout Room, everyone in the room will be notified.
  • Updated the Join/Leave Breakout Room buttons with an improved and clearer design.


  • Resolved issue wherein the mic toggle was showing in the Welcome popup in a phone-only session.
  • Fixed issue wherein the Participants' list was shown incorrectly in the Main Room after starting breakout, when 'Allow everyone to broadcast' was checked in the Session's settings.
  • Resolved issue wherein the camera toggle was showing up in the join screen preview even when the camera button was disabled in the Service Plan settings.
  • Resolved issue wherein the web and mobile users were not able to join the Breakout Room correctly.


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