Samba Live 5.40

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May 30, 2022

Available from: 29 May 2022

The Samba Live team has been listening to your feedback, focusing on strengthening your favorite features and fixing minor issues across the platform.

In our constant efforts to improve and expand the usefulness of our API to make our integrators' lives easier, we have added a new REST API endpoint that allows adding Vimeo and YouTube URLs into an account's Media Library.

Additionally, we are introducing the Shared Polls functionality which allows Speakers to reuse surveys and questionnaires that are shared by another Speaker.

Lastly, Samba Live 5.40 offers new developments to the Mobile App, making it easier for mobile users to join and start a meeting and invite other participants.


Account Center

 New Features

  • Added a new REST API endpoint to allow adding Vimeo and YouTube URLs into an account's Media Library.
  • Added a new Service Plan option to disable YouTube support in the Content Library. This provides enhanced privacy by preventing the YouTube API from loading in sessions.
  • Added rulers to separate sections in the Service Plan, making it easier for Account Owners to visually identify blocks of information and manage settings.
  • Updated the 'Bookmarks' link in the AC/recordings/edit section to read 'Download Bookmarks' to make it clearer and more actionable.
  • Updated the 'Desktop Version' link on the mobile landing page to read 'Open in mobile browser' to make it clearer and more actionable.
  • It is now possible to input ampersands (&) in both First Name and Last Name fields when adding Participants to a session in the Account Center.


  • Updated the 'Enable hand-raise by default' option in the Service Plan settings to 'Enable request to broadcast by default' to match the current feature available.
  • Resolved issue wherein mobile users opening a personal invitation link to a Breakout Room were taken to the mobile browser (Desktop app) instead of the landing page, where they can choose to download the mobile app.
  • Moved the 'Default video display settings' to the correct section of the Service Plan.


 New Features

  • Added a new Shared Polls functionality wherein Speakers can share surveys and questionnaires that other Speakers can reuse.
  • Added an option to give Presentation permissions to Custom Roles during a session.


  • Added a "Play" button to streams in iOS browsers to prevent them from starting automatically, which was affecting newer versions of iOS in native browsers.
  • Updated the Shared Files folder to ensure all included content pieces are also shared across Breakout Rooms.
  • Resolved issue wherein the broadcaster's video appeared in incorrect proportions on the Stage when sharing the screen in Thumbnail mode.


 New Features

  • Mobile users can now start a new session and join an existing one directly in the app.
  • Added a message warning users about the need to add a session link to be able to join a session on mobile.
  • Enhanced the mobile flow to invite participants beyond simple link sharing by allowing users to share invites with preselected users and over preselected apps. Please note that some Android devices do not support link sharing, and they depend entirely on this new 'share' functionality.


  • Fixed issue wherein the 'Stop Live Answer' button covered the camera and microphone icons.






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