Samba Live 5.32

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February 7, 2022

Available from: 06 February 2021

Samba Live 5.32 features Vimeo integration, allowing users to add and open Vimeo links directly from the Content Library.  Additionally, users with Custom Roles can now be set so that they are able to participate in Breakout Rooms.

We have continually added improvements to our Mobile App, as well as fixed minor issues. In this update, we've also added the Raise Hand functionality.

Finally, we introduced smaller improvements and fixes to the account center, breakout rooms, and remote muting functionality.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Updated the Custom Role settings so that custom users (whether on desktop or mobile) are able to participate in Breakout Rooms.
  • Added session ID to the webhook which is called when a new participant joins a session, which makes this webhook more targeted and effective.


  • Resolved issue wherein the Company-wide user analytics was not showing the correct calculation for simultaneous attendees limit.
  • Resolved issue wherein the 'Allow Broadcast' checkbox state reverted to default (unchecked) when the session was being edited through the REST API.


 New Features

  • Integrated Vimeo as a new media type in the Content Library. Users can now add Vimeo links and open them for all participants to view. NOTE: This feature is not yet available for mobile users.


  • Resolved issue wherein the Autoreconnection feature did not work properly with the new Join screens.
  • Updated messaging in all actions dealing with remote peripheral control to ensure consistency across platforms.


 New Features

  • Raise Hand functionality is now supported on mobile.


  • Added a notification to let mobile users know that Vimeo links are not yet supported on mobile.
  • Fixed issue wherein a mobile Speaker without broadcast permission was able to start audio and video broadcast.

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