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Samba Live 5.8

Oct 25, 2020 8:57:06 AM

Release date: 19 October 2020

With this minor update, we improved our content library, added some small improvements to the layouts feature, and pushed additional hotfixes to ensure a smooth experience when using Samba Live.

Our content library now offers the possibility to mark opened files as downloadable. That means participants can easily download the presented material during a video conference. Additionally, we added forward and backward navigation arrows to conveniently navigate in PDFs and PowerPoint presentations.

Our popular and unique layouts feature now allows hosts to prepare their content before applying a layout. Your participants will only see the layout when you apply it.

We also offer an option to allow users to mute and unmute individual streams locally. This feature can be enabled and disabled in the advanced session options.

Although these are small changes, we see those as important steps towards more engaging and accessible video conferencing – whether you host a huge webinar, run a virtual classroom, or meet with your colleagues online.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Added description and dial-in information to the iCal file.


  • Fixed issue in the Admin dashboard statistics wherein some sessions were showing incorrect durations.
  • Fixed issue wherein some options were not showing in the service plan tabs for a company account. 'Allow unlimited 1 to 1 meetings'- and 'When the duration is reached, redirect users to'-information is now shown on the user's service plan tab for a company account.


 New Features

  • Added forward and backward navigation arrows to Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF presentations.
  • An option to allow users to mute/unmute/solo individual streams locally has been added in the session settings. This feature is enabled/disabled as an advanced session option.
  • File owners can now mark an opened file as downloadable. This is a "v1" of the file sharing feature, which we expand over future releases. In its current form, we require the file to be opened before it can be marked as downloadable/not-downloadable.
  • The layouts feature now allows presenters to prepare their content before applying a layout. When you are editing a layout, your changes will only be applied and shared with the room when you click Apply.


  • Optimized media server assignment in the load balancer logic.
  • Fixed a very rare race condition that prevented audio bridge presence events from reaching the room.
  • Optimized the lobby release logic so that a lobby release does not cause performance issues when the room join rate is extremely high.
  • All links that users add in Shared notes are now clickable.
  • Breakout rooms with special characters in the name can now be created successfully.
  • Fixed issue wherein the media library did not show the preview for files that had all capital file extensions in the file name.
  • Fixed minor spacing issues in-between icons in the document tools panel.
  • For new accounts only, notifications are now disabled by default.
  • Names in the participants' panel are now sorted alphabetically.
  • In 5.7, while working on the reconnection mechanism, we attempted to clean up the "lost connection" messaging and introduced a general catch-all message: "You have been kicked". Unfortunately, the vague nature of this message caused a lot of confusion with our users. We fixed this in 5.8.
  • The screen share preview badge has been moved to the bottom part of the screen to maximize the content area.
  • When exiting Forced Layout mode, the room will now reset to the default layout automatically.

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