Samba Live 5.31

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January 24, 2022

Available from: 23 January 2021

It has never been easier to join a meeting with Samba Live's improved and simplified Join Room UX. 

Join Room UX

Additionally, we've added some confirmation popups to prevent accidentally closing media or stopping a recording/breakout room.

Our Shared Notes feature is now viewable on mobile. It is currently read-only, but we'll continue to work on updates to implement the full Shared Notes functionality for mobile users. 

Account Center


  • Resolved issue wherein the "Allow everyone to broadcast" breakout room option was not checked as default when creating meeting via API.


 New Features

  • Simplified UX and revamped design of the Join Room user flow. When joining a room, Speakers will now see one single, clear "Join" button. Plus, users on smaller screens will no longer need to scroll to access this button. Audience users that are moved to Speaker, granted Broadcast permission, or join Hybrid Sessions will also see the same simplified interface.
  • Added a confirmation popup when clicking the "X" icon to close content to prevent accidental closing.
  • Added a confirmation popup when stopping a breakout room.
  • Added a confirmation popup when stopping a recording.


 New Features

  • Shared Notes can now be viewed on mobile by clicking on the Shared Notes icon in the main navigation menu. Note: Currently available as read-only. Some formatting like bold, italic, and emojis are not yet supported.


  • Fixed issue wherein the confirmation popup did not appear when deleting a question in the Q&A panel.

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