Samba Live 5.33

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February 21, 2022

Available from: 20 February 2022

Our latest update includes the implementation of the most requested feature, Emoji Reactions. Additionally, we are introducing minor improvements to the API, Service Plan, and Server Settings in the Account Center. Finally, we've continually added updates and fixes to the mobile app. Mobile users will enjoy the new search box functionality in the Participants panel.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Added a new parameter to the PUT/POST invitee API call so that admins can link their users' existing profile images.
  • Updated the default state of the "Allow to Ask Questions" permission in the Speaker's column to enabled.
  • Added an option in the Server Settings to default Emoji Reactions to off.


  • Improved the language of the 'Allow maximum one content opened' option in the Account Settings.


 New Features

  • Implemented Emoji Reactions, a nonverbal feedback functionality that allows each participant to engage and react in real-time using emojis.
  • Updated the Whiteboard marker tool color to semi-transparent.
  • Added an option to hide the Whiteboard feature in the Service Plan settings.


  • Resolved issue wherein Whiteboard previews were still shown in the Content Switcher, even when disabled in the user's Service Plan settings.


 New Features

  • Added a search box functionality in the Participants panel allowing mobile users to search for a specific participant.
  • Mobile speakers can now participate in Breakout Rooms that are started by another Speaker.


  • Updated the Vimeo notification with clearer messaging.

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