Samba Live 5.28

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November 29, 2021

Available from: 28 November 2021

Samba Live 5.28 offers various new features within our Account Center, including two-factor authentication, improved broadcast settings, new usage metrics, and more. Enjoy updates in our In-Room Q&A panel for both browser-based and mobile-based users. We also resolved minor issues to enhance platform functionality and user experience.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Added a new "Allow everyone to broadcast" setting in the Account Center under Breakout Rooms. When checked, all users will be able to broadcast in the Breakout Rooms; otherwise, broadcast permissions as set in the Main Room will be inherited in the Breakout Room.
  • Added the ability to enable Q&A in room by default via Service plan settings.
  • Added a new Account-level setting to default to hide user identities and count from Audience users. Updated associated session-level language to reflect clearly that user identities and count will be hidden when checking this option.
  • Added a new server setting that allows OEM partners to set platform-wide default video-conferencing mode. Options are Fullscreen (default), Tiled, and Thumbnail.
  • Added usage metrics to admin dashboards. OEM partners can now see how much time their users have spent broadcasting, consuming, recording, and streaming to Facebook, Youtube, and custom endpoints.
  • Implemented two-factor authentication for admin users.


  • Removed duplicate fields that erroneously appeared when creating a service plan.
  • Updated validation to disallow '+' sign for username and updated associated messaging when making calls to our USER API endpoints.
  • All cookies used in the platform are with 'secure' and 'same-site:none' attributes. This means platform settings will persist in any website embedded integrations.


 New Features

  • Speakers can now post questions, and users with custom roles can now both ask and answer questions in the Q&A panel.
  • Updated the live answering notification with more intuitive messaging.


  • Fixed recording issue wherein a popup was blocking sight of content and speakers as a result of allowing the entire audience to broadcast.
  • Resolved issue wherein the mic and camera functions would not start properly when a guest initially joined using Safari browser.


 New Features

  • A bubble with a number representing the sum of unread chat messages plus unanswered questions will make mobile users aware of their undiscovered items. 
  • Updated the button to start live-answering with more intuitive messaging.
  • Mobile Speakers can now also post questions, and mobile users with custom roles can now both ask and answer questions in the Q&A panel.


  • Resolved issue wherein the 'Make all questions public' option in Q&A did not work for a web Speaker.

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