Samba Live 5.27

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November 15, 2021

Available from: 14 November 2021

Our latest update adds several improvements to our pointer tool. You can now use the pointer over content files in the whiteboard with each user having their own color (same as their avatar). With Samba Live 5.27, the account center supports adding "Simultaneous Recorder Limits" to service plans. Additionally, we updated our mobile app to support new features such as live answer notifications.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Added a new  "Simultaneous Recorder Limit" option in the Admin Settings. Admin users are now able to limit the number of simultaneous recorders associated with a Service Plan.


  • Updated server setting to enable support for Safari.
  • Resolved issue wherein contracted storage and recording usage statistics were not reflecting the actual usage on the admin dashboard.


 New Features

  • Updated the Pointer tool. Speakers or users with presentation rights can now use the Pointer tool over content files that are open in the Whiteboard.
  • Whiteboard pointers are now personalized with users' colours - the same colour as their avatar.


  • Resolved issue wherein a user was able to select two tools from the Whiteboard toolbar simultaneously.
  • Long usernames will now show correctly in the Q&A panel.


 New Features

  • Live answer notifications are now supported on Mobile. Mobile Users will receive notifications when a question is being answered live.
  • Implemented translations to Mobile Q&A. Mobile users can now participate in Q&A in English, Spanish, Italian, Danish, and Russian languages.
  • When a mobile user joins a session with a role that has been disabled, an error message reading 'Your role has been disabled in this session' will appear.


  • Fixed the "Privately" toggle to be turned on by default when the "Reply privately to questions in the Q&A panel" checkbox is checked in the admin user's Service Plan tab and turned off by default when unchecked.
  • Resolved issue wherein a mobile user was able to join a session even when his role was disabled in the Service Plan settings.
  • Updated language files to make sure that translations are standardized across all platforms.

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