Samba Live 5.29

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December 13, 2021

Available from: 12 December 2021

Our latest update contains a new customization feature: Branded Backgrounds! Additionally, we are introducing upgrades to our Custom Roles, allowing speakers to easily move users between Audience and their assigned Custom Role.

In the Content Librarywe've improved our popular Shared Files feature with several optimizations, including adding a new option to Unshare files.

Along with other fixes and enhancements, we've made improvements for reporting in the Admin Dashboard

Account Center

 New Features

  • Implemented 'Branded backgrounds'. Account-holders can now upload a custom collection of virtual backgrounds that guests can choose from when they are in a meeting room.
  • Added the ability to look up all sessions a user is invited to via the API.
  • Added an option to set a specific 'event' image for social media preview at session-level. This image will now override any 'company' logo set at the account level, providing a more targeted impression.
  • Added 'Participation minutes' statistics to the Admin Dashboard. 'Participation minutes' show the total number of minutes that the sum of all users have spent in a meeting from the moment they join until they leave the session or the meeting ends.
  • Included new usage metric stats in the company account usage statistics tab. OEM partners can now see how much time company and affiliate accounts and subaccounts have spent broadcasting, consuming, recording, and streaming to Facebook, Youtube, and custom endpoints.
  • Included logging of deleted recordings in platform audit logs.


  • Fixed issue wherein multiple selections and bulk actions were not available after searching in the Schedule and Recording tabs.
  • Resolved issue wherein usage statistics for 'Company' and 'Affiliate' users were inaccurately based on non-unique users.


 New Features

  • Added a "Move to <custom role>" option in the Participants' panel menu. Speakers can now easily move users back and forth between Audience and <custom role> and between Speaker and <custom role>.
  • Updated the presenter's pointer design to improve its visibility.
  • Added the option to "Unshare" files in the Content Library. Speakers can now unshare files from the 'original' file version and from the shared version sitting in the Shared Files folder. Plus, we updated permissions so that Speakers can now also unshare files that were shared by other Speakers and, thus, act on their behalf to protect sensitive content.
  • Improved shared files by displaying the name of the user who shared the file. The first and last names of the sharing user will be displayed underneath the shared file.
  • Making a file available for download for Audience users can now be done by other Speakers in the room, as long as the file is being shared in the 'Shared files' folder.


  • We have included reaching the broadcaster limit in the list of critical errors. Users will now be notified when they reach the broadcaster limit, even when the "Hide all notifications in the live room" option is checked.
  • Fixed issue in Forced Layouts wherein the Conversations panel scroll was breaking when one or more panels were open.
  • Resolved issue wherein media files stored in folders were not showing up after applying Forced Layouts.



  • Resolved an issue wherein the Q&A, chat, and menu bubble counters did not update accordingly after demoting a mobile user.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the chat counter was mistakenly adding messages when the chat permission was disabled for the user.

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