Samba Live 5.22

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September 6, 2021

Available from: 5 September 2021

With this update, Samba Live allows users to upload their very own virtual background. In addition, as an OEM user, you can enable or disable virtual backgrounds for your service plans.


For an optimal custom virtual background, we recommend using an image with proportions of 16:9. We accept both PNG- and JPG-files with a maximum size of 16 MB.

Additionally to our work on virtual backgrounds, we fixed some minor security issues in our systems and improved email delivery by adding alt-tags to images in our invites.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Added date and time format preferences in the Account Settings panel. Users can now set their own date format preference to either mmddyy or ddmmyy; and time format to either 24h time or AM/PM.
  • Added Virtual Backgrounds (Beta) in the Service Plan settings. Admins now have the option to enable/disable virtual backgrounds.
  • Added alt attributes for images in email invites.


 New Features

  • Implemented custom virtual backgrounds. Users can now upload their own background images at any time during the session.


  • Minor security fixes.


 New Features

  • Whiteboard viewing is now supported on mobile, however, drawings are not visible when drawn over other content pieces, for now.


  • Resolved issue wherein the thumbnails of shared contents stayed on the screen after the speaker closed the content.

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