Samba Live 5.34

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March 7, 2022

Available from: 03 March 2022

Our latest update adds several improvements to our Service Plan settings, such as the addition of new options to hide the "Leave/End Session" button, chat emojis, emoji reactions, slide navigation, and Whiteboard toolbar by default.

With Samba Live 5.34, users will now be able to see up to eight broadcaster tiles simultaneously when any content is open on tiled mode. Mobile users will enjoy the new "Switch Camera" functionality. 

We also resolved minor issues to enhance platform functionality and user experience.


Account Center

 New Features

  • Added a new Service Plan option to hide the "Leave/End Session" icon by default.
  • Added Service Plan and Account Setting options to disable chat emojis and chat emoji reactions by default.
  • Added Service Plan settings to hide slide navigation and the Whiteboard toolbar by default.
  • Updated the "Reply privately to questions in the Q&A panel" option with a more concise messaging and moved it to the correct Service Plan setting.


  • Resolved issue wherein the Breakout Room configurations were not copied when the session was duplicated.
  • Resolved issue wherein the labels, tab names, and button in session login forms were not in the language set in the account.


 New Features

  • Users will now be able to see up to 8 broadcaster tiles simultaneously when content is open on tiled mode. This feature is currently available for Samba Live users; OEM clients can obtain it upon request.
  • Added tooltips and a tab index to camera/mic toggles found in the Join screen to improve app accessibility.


  • Fixed recording issue wherein the timestamps for chat and Q&A did not reflect the Account Holder's time zone when using Forced Layouts.
  • Resolved issue wherein the camera and mic functions were still active even after being deactivated in the Service Plan settings.
  • Resolved issue wherein the 'join by phone' toggle did not show in the Join screen options when a phone number was configured to hide the dial-in instructions.
  • Fixed issue wherein chat scrolling appeared frozen in recordings when on Forced Layouts, even when new chat messages were being added during meeting runtime.
  • Resolved issue wherein the Speaker's audio was not heard by a guest user in a hybrid session after the guest toggled the 'join by phone' option on and off.


 New Features

  • Added a new "Switch camera" functionality, allowing mobile users to switch between front and back cameras.

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