Samba Live 5.21

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August 23, 2021

Available from: 22 August 2021

With Samba Live 5.21, we introduce our brand new Virtual Backgrounds. You can choose between two blurred backgrounds or a predefined set of eight images (from serious office spaces to relaxing beaches). All of them are perfect for limiting distractions from your background or making video conferences more fun.

To start using one of the backgrounds, click on the Settings-icon in the sidebar and choose "Virtual background".

Choose a virtual background in Samba Live.Our brand new Virtual Backgrounds allow you to limit distractions or add some fun to your video conferences.

Virtual Backgrounds are currently in beta and not available on Safari yet. However, we are working hard to add custom backgrounds and support for all modern browsers. Please reach out to us if you have any feedback or ideas for improvements.

Additionally, this update covers improvements to the branding settings and more minor bug fixes.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Sidebar colors (for low-resolution screens) can now be customized in the branding settings.
  • Changed the color of the primary buttons to pacific blue to make the design more consistent.


  • Resolved issue wherein the search functionality in the recordings did not show results when searching description keywords.
  • Removed outdated Google+ share buttons from the registration page.


 New Features

  • Implemented Virtual Backgrounds. Users can choose between 8 different predefined background pictures or choose a blurred version of their real background at any time during the session. Custom backgrounds will be implemented soon too, so users will be able to upload their own backgrounds. Virtual Backgrounds is currently in beta and not available on Safari yet.
  • Changed settings to a vertical layout to better utilize space.



  • Resolved issue wherein duplicate names of a mobile user appeared in the participants' panel when starting Breakout Rooms.


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