Samba Live 5.19

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July 26, 2021

Available from: 25 July 2021

With our latest update to Samba Live, we improved the in-room experience and added features to make the scheduling of video conferences even more efficient.

You can now schedule longer meetings (up to 8 hours; that's perfect for any full-day workshop or conference). Additionally, we added a registration date and time column to the session reports that you can export after a meeting, webinar or virtual event. To personalize your experience after the ending of a session, you can now add extra exit URL parameters.

Our Forced layout-features is one of the most used features among our users, that's why we strive to make using this handy control even better. During your video conferences, you can now choose between 10 pre-defined forced layouts. Among those, you can find well-tested layouts for productive meetings, interactive workshops or convincing webinars.

Pre-defined forced layoutsChoose between 10 pre-defined forced layouts for your session.

Ever talked to participants in the room who forgot to unmute themselves? Asking them to unmute is now even easier with our "Ask user to unmute"-button.

Ask participants to unmute.

Besides those new features that make your video conferences even more productive and easier to use, we also updated our mobile app for support of video and image sharing.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Updated the meeting duration values, allowing scheduling of longer meetings. Users can now schedule sessions for up to 8 hours.
  • Added a new column "registration date/time" in the session reports (Microsoft Excel-/CSV-file). This column will contain the dates and times when users registered to the account holder's events.
  • Added extra exit URL parameters so that users can be better tracked when a session ends.
  • Added new parameters to add from web app feature so that link navigation can optionally escape the web app frame.
  • Added a new function in the platform configs that will allow admins to enable breakout rooms for hybrid/phone sessions. This is especially useful for users who use phone line as a support option.


  • Resolved issue wherein a session was not successfully created when the meeting field contained special characters.
  • Resolved issue wherein the values in the exported file from the dashboard chart did not coincide with the date that was set in the date filter.
  • Resolved issue wherein the reports tab was showing an incorrect count of registered users.
  • Fixed a minor grammatical error in the pop-up message when deleting an account.
  • Fixed issue wherein a user was able to add contacts with the same email with different capitalization.


 New Features

  • A new feature has been added to forced layouts – pre-defined layouts. When applying a layout, users can now choose from 10 pre-defined layouts by clicking the star icon beside the "Apply layout"-button.
  • An "Ask user to unmute" functionality has been implemented. Speakers can now discreetly ask another speaker to unmute by clicking the muted mic icon next to the speaker's name which will prompt the user to unmute himself.
  • Standardised the tooltip for the mic icon on thumbnails and streams to minimize the risk of accidentally muting a speaker.
  • Any changes made to the in-room settings in one tab will now apply to all active tabs.


 New Features

  • Video presentations shared by the speaker are now supported on mobile. Mobile users can now view shared video files in real-time.
  • Image (URL) files presented by the speaker are now supported on mobile. Mobile users can now view shared image files in real-time.

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