Samba Live 5.12

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April 2, 2021

Available from: 02 April 2021

With this update, we introduce additional improvements to our breakout room feature. You can now import attendee lists when pre-assigning breakout rooms and move or remove participants easily during breakout sessions. Developers can use pre-assignments through our extensive RESTful API.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Users can now import attendee lists via CSV when pre-assigning to breakout rooms.
  • Added a "Reset rooms" button at the top (next to "Create room") to clear all of the added rooms/users records from the breakout rooms box.
  • Implemented new "Move Users" functionality within the breakout-room pre-assign flow. This gives the speaker the ability to easily move and swap users to other breakout rooms.
  • Added breakout pre-assignments to the REST API. Users will now be able to create pre-assignments via API, as an additional alternative.


  • Updated the breakout room invitation email to ensure that the correct meeting start time is displayed.
  • Renamed moderators to speakers and participants to audience to ensure uniformity of terms across all platforms.
  • Added a message in the breakout rooms section to explain that all users will be taken to the main room until the "Start Rooms" button is clicked on.


 New Features

  • Moving users to breakout rooms is now available by clicking the ellipsis icon right next to the user's name in the breakout rooms panel.
  • Implemented "Remove Users" functionality in breakout rooms. Speakers can now easily remove or un-assign a user from the breakout room by clicking the icons next to the user's name in the breakout rooms panel.


  • Improved meeting performance by dynamically assigning the highest frame rate to the active speaker.


 New Features

  • Mobile app branding/white-labeling is now available to Samba Live partners. Preferences such as colors, backgrounds, and branding assets can be managed in the Account Center.

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