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Happy 18th Birthday Digital Samba!

Robert Strobl
July 14, 2021

Digital Samba is proudly celebrating its 18th birthday this month! Over the last two decades, a lot has changed, but Digital Samba’s goal has remained the same: to help you effectively collaborate, educate, and connect through our intuitive software.

A dive in the past

  • 2003 Digital Samba was founded in Barcelona with the purpose of revolutionizing the way we communicate. 
Presenter - The first version of Samba Live
Presenter - The first version of Samba Live
  • 2016 Digital Samba closed the year with 22% revenue growth while expanding to new countries

  • 2019 Goodbye Flash and welcome Samba Live! With the new internet standard, we adapted our software to run on HTML5 and ensure a faster and more secure connection.

  • 2019 A year full of exciting features, from breakout rooms, lobbies, shared notes, and the highly praised and unique layouts.

  • 2019 With mobile surpassing desktop traffic, our team launched a Samba Live mobile version directly from the browser. No downloads, updates, nor installers necessary. 

  • 2020 Remote work has always been part of our company culture. During the pandemic, we closed our headquarters in Barcelona in order to go fully remote! The good news? We had the right video conferencing solution to support our journey.

  • 2021 Back to normal ≄ back to the past. Hybrid events are here to stay, and we are excited to support business in this transition. 

  • 2022 Exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned!
Samba Live's software todaySamba Live today

Present – Focus on hybrid events

Between commuting time, travel cost, and unadaptable work schedules, employees all over the world want a mix of virtual and face-to-face meetings. Working from home has been effective for millions of people. Hybrid environments are our chance to refine work by removing traditional barriers without sacrificing the strength of the human connection. 

We are constantly improving our technology in order to support you and your business. This way, your team can maximize both the benefits of virtual and in-person events.

Future – Exciting news coming soon!

According to Hubspot’s 2021 survey, more than 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 78% of companies adopt video communication during their meetings. 

This demand challenges developers to find efficient ways to integrate and optimize communication through some kind of Video API. In addition, they are looking for a product with a global infrastructure, that’s reliable and fully customizable.

That’s why we are focusing on enhancing our platform with developers’ needs and goals in mind. We are currently conducting several industry interviews to collect insights and discover the best way to support them on their journey.

Digital Samba's journey over the yearsDigital Samba's journey


Thank you so much for being so supportive! We are happy to be part of our journey and that's why we are working diligently to give you the tools to empower your work and your business.

Now that Digital Samba is officially 18 years old, we can celebrate its coming of age responsibly with a drink – Cheers!

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