Samba Live 5.11

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March 26, 2021

Release date: 26 March 2021

This update brings another huge improvement to the breakout rooms. You can now pre-assign participants to breakout rooms. This means, you can setup your breakout rooms already in advance when scheduling a session. The breakout sessions are ready when you are starting your session.


Additionally, we are introducing some improvements to our account center and UI. Read all about the details in the following.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Pre-assign participants to breakout rooms. Set-up your breakout rooms and pre-assign users when scheduling a session. Then start the rooms when you're live & ready.
  • Setting the maximum number of speakers is now allowed in Service Plans. This is in addition to the limit of the simultaneous broadcasters limit we already have.
  • Improved the GET statistics call so that users can filter by session id and also optionally get data on any breakout rooms created within a session.
  • Enabled Google Tag Manager tracking script on registration pages.


 New Features

  • An option to "Make all questions public" is now available in the Q&A Panel. Speakers can now easily toggle questions between public and private.
  • Added name and last name fields in the in-room invite dialog box.


  • Resolved issue wherein the phone user's audio was still being heard when in dial-in mode.
  • Resolved issue in the content viewer wherein the document closed prematurely when a new layout was applied.


 New Features

  • Enabled multi-language support to ensure a consistent user experience on mobile in every supported language.


  • Resolved issue wherein the phone user didn't hear audio from the mobile app user.
  • Avoided ugly resizing when following the speaker.

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