Samba Live 5.45

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August 8, 2022

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Available from: 07 Aug 2022

Our most recent update includes various features and bug fixes that increase efficiency and improve performance across the platform.

Samba Live 5.45 highlights the implementation of Advanced Notification template to our Mobile App and a new connection failure notification in the room.

Advanced Notifications


 New Features

  • Implemented publisher peer connection failure detection to inform streaming users when a firewall is blocking the connection or when a poor internet connection is failing on their side.
  • Added negative emojis (thumbs down, angry face, sad face) to Emoji Reactions, allowing users to better express themselves. Speakers can now quickly assess sentiment without needing to open a poll.
  • Added a notification to warn users that the recording limit is about to be reached.


  • Resolved issue wherein a mac user's adjustments in Forced Layouts were not being pushed to remote users.
  • Fixed a minor typographical error in the Advanced Notifications.



 New Features

  • Implemented the new Advanced Notifications template to ensure all important messages are well received by mobile users. Mobile Speakers will now see a clear notification on the top part of the screen when someone is requesting to broadcast, raising hand, asking a question, answering a question live, or broadcasting a message in a Breakout Room. Moreover, the Advanced Notifications template affords taking action directly from the notification itself, allowing mobile users to be more present.
  • Mobile users can now move files and folders in the Content Library.





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