Exciting Update: Introducing Roles and Permissions for Digital Samba's Video Conferencing API & SDK

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May 4, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest feature, 'Roles and Permissions', now seamlessly integrated into our video conferencing API & SDK product, Digital Samba Embedded.

This new addition is set to revolutionise video conferencing for developers, integrators and end-users alike, offering extensive control over virtual room experiences to ensure efficient communication and collaboration.

Table of Contents

  1. Preset and Custom Roles
  2. Extensive List of Permissions for a Tailored Experience
  3. Enhanced Control with SDK Methods and Events
  4. How to enable Roles and Permissions in Digital Samba Embedded
  5. Explore Our Dashboard and SDK Documentation

With the implementation of “Roles and Permissions”, developers and integrators can create bespoke video conferencing solutions tailored to various industries and use cases.

For example, Learning Management Systems can benefit from the ability to designate roles to educators, students and guest speakers, while event software can facilitate diverse interactive sessions by assigning unique permissions to hosts, presenters and attendees. As a result, video conferencing becomes a more dynamic and effective means of communication, collaboration and learning.

Preset and Custom Roles

Our latest addition comes with three preset roles — Moderator, Speaker and Attendee — designed to cater to the most common use cases.

However, we understand that every team is unique, which is why we're offering the ability to create custom roles with unparalleled granularity and precision.

Custom roles can be created by integrators with specific target roles assigned to them for their roles-sensitive permissions. For instance, an integrator may establish a role titled 'Founders' and grant the audience the authority to remove 'attendees' and 'speakers' but not 'moderators.'

See the list of our role-sensitive permissions here.

Extensive List of Permissions for a Tailored Experience

This release includes an array of permissions to help you create the ideal virtual room experience for each participant:

  • Broadcast
  • Manage broadcast permission
  • Start session
  • End session
  • Remove participants
  • Screenshare
  • Recording
  • Chat in general chat
  • Remote turn off cam/mic
  • Remote ask to turn on cam/mic
  • Raise hand
  • Manage role

By offering such a comprehensive selection of permissions, Digital Samba Embedded ensures that you can customise access levels and capabilities for all participants, fostering a more engaging and efficient virtual environment.

Enhanced Control with SDK Methods and Events

To provide even greater control over your video conferencing experience, we have incorporated SDK methods and events that enable you to:

  • Programmatically grant and revoke broadcast permissions
  • Remote mute and request to unmute
  • Remove a participant
  • End the session
  • Trigger SDK events when broadcast or screen share permissions are changed during a session

These SDK methods give developers the flexibility to build advanced features and behaviours into their video conferencing solutions, further enriching the user experience.

How to enable Roles and Permissions in Digital Samba Embedded

As a team member, you can select a subset of roles for each room that you create. This means that users joining this room will have to join with one of these roles. For this to happen, you must set their role property in their token to match some of the added roles.

You can also set a default role for those users that might not have a token.

  1. Create a room
  2. Add the selection of preset and/or custom roles that you want in that room
  3. Select a default role for users that might join without a token
  4. Set a role for each joining participant in their token

Explore Our Dashboard and SDK Documentation

To learn more about the 'Roles and Permissions' feature and how it can transform your video conferencing experience with Digital Samba, we encourage you to explore our Dashboard and SDK documentation:

  1. Dashboard: Adding Moderation to Your Rooms with Roles
  2. SDK: Digital Samba SDK Reference
  3. API: Developer REST API

Get started today and discover the potential of our 'Roles and Permissions' feature in enhancing your video conferencing solutions with Digital Samba. 

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