Transform Your App's Video Capabilities with Digital Samba's New Whiteboard

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November 1, 2023

At Digital Samba, we're always working to enhance your integrated video conferencing experiences, making them not only productive but also engaging and immersive.

We're excited to introduce our new "Whiteboard" feature, designed to boost the interactive and collaborative aspects of virtual meetings, webinars, and events, making them more effective.


Using whiteboard for better engagement

What sets Digital Samba's whiteboard feature apart is its multi-user functionality, with no need for third-party integrations. Being a core part of our existing system, it can be easily activated with just a simple flick of a switch. It comes with a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Incorporating the Digital Samba whiteboard into your app can significantly improve user engagement and effectiveness across various industries. For e-learning platforms, it turns passive content consumption into an engaging learning experience.

In telehealth applications, it helps in visually explaining medical procedures and advice, improving patient understanding.

Whiteboard for telehealth 2 - Digital Samba WebRTC video conferencing API and SDK

Whether it's logistics, design, or team collaboration, the whiteboard proves to be a versatile tool for real-time problem-solving and visual communication.

Feature highlights

The Digital Samba whiteboard offers a variety of tools to foster real-time collaboration, allowing your users to visually express their ideas, draw diagrams, and collaboratively address issues. This greatly enhances communication and understanding.

Whiteboard for elearning and edtech - Digital Samba WebRTC video conferencing API and SDK

Enhance in-app meetings with drawing tools

Enable your users to sketch, draw, write, or highlight key points during presentations, making meetings within your app more engaging and informative.

Work with forms and shapes

Facilitate a rich visual dialogue with a variety of built-in shapes, freehand drawing, sticky notes, and text tools, empowering users to visually articulate ideas, explain concepts, or create diagrams with ease.

Foster real-time collaboration

Incorporate a shared canvas where users can collaborate on the whiteboard in real-time, cultivating a sense of teamwork and sparking effective brainstorming, planning, or problem-solving sessions within your app.

Available on mobile

Extend the collaborative experience to various devices as your users can access the whiteboard from mobiles, tablets, or laptops, ensuring continuous engagement regardless of where they are.

Ease of export and further work

Allow users to download whiteboards as SVG, PNG, or JSON files for easy sharing, archiving or further work, enhancing the collaborative cycle beyond the live sessions.

Advanced zooming and panning controls

Simplify the navigation through large and complex whiteboards with easy-to-use zooming and panning controls. Offer smooth and effortless navigation, making it easy to focus on specific areas or attain a bird’s-eye view of the entire workspace.

How to enable the Whiteboard

To get a quick feel for the whiteboard, simply start a session in your demo room. However, if you wish to configure specific rooms with the Whiteboard feature, make sure it is enabled in the room settings.

Whiteboard API - Digital Samba WebRTC video conferencing API and SDK

Additionally, ensure at least one role has permission to 'edit whiteboard'


Elevate your software applications and enhance user satisfaction by incorporating Digital Samba's cutting-edge whiteboard and video conferencing features.

Sign up to Digital Samba for free, or speak to our sales team to find out how you can seamlessly integrate video conferencing, enriched with whiteboard functionality, into your software or app in just a few simple steps.

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