Best AI-Powered Tools for LMS

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April 2, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming online education, notably within Learning Management Systems (LMS). AI-enabled tools enhance the efficiency, personalisation, and pace of learning experiences. They enable innovations such as automated grading and individualised curricula.

In this article, we'll look at the best AI tools for LMS and help you choose what's right for your online learning plan. Let's start and see how AI can make your LMS even better.

Table of contents

  1. What is an AI-based learning platform?
  2. What are the best AI-based learning platforms?
  3. Which features should you look for in an AI-based LMS?
  4. What are the differences between Standard LMS and AI LMS (LMS machine learning)?
  5. What are the benefits of AI-powered LMS (AI-based adaptive learning)?
  6. Integrate your AI-based LMS with Digital Samba

What is an AI-based learning platform?

An AI learning platform uses adaptive algorithms to change regular online learning into more exciting and personal experiences. These platforms don't use the same learning style for everyone. Instead, they use AI to see how each person learns, what they like, and how well they're doing. Then, they change the lessons, suggest what to learn next, and even guess where someone might need extra help.

The best thing about these platforms is that they change as you learn. The lessons, challenges, and feedback change based on how well you're doing. This makes sure that everyone learns in the best way possible.

Unlike traditional LMS systems, which primarily focus on content delivery and tracking completion, AI-driven platforms actively engage in the learning process by offering recommendations, personalised support, and insights that foster a more engaging and rewarding learning environment.

Another significant feature of AI-based platforms is their use of data analytics and machine learning algorithms to continuously improve the learning experience. By analysing vast amounts of data, these platforms identify trends, predict outcomes, and make informed decisions about enhancing learning materials and strategies. This ability helps both students and teachers. It also gives administrators useful information about how well the course is working, how much students are involved, and where the course could get better.

AI automation is another significant feature that boosts the efficiency of many administrative tasks associated with e-learning management, such as grading, feedback, and reporting. This automation allows educators to focus more on teaching and less on time-consuming administrative duties, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the educational process.

What are the best AI-based learning platforms?

There are various AI-based LMS platforms, but here are some of the best. 


360Learning is a popular AI-based learning platform that incorporates features from LMS, LXP, and Academics to enhance upskilling and reskilling with organisations. With a focus on collaborative learning, 360Learning is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to create and share interactive courses, virtual classrooms, and social learning spaces. 

The platform utilises AI algorithms to recommend relevant content, tailoring the learning experience to individual preferences and interests. Key features include gamification, video conferencing, and analytics.

They believe that SMEs should be viewed as content superheroes that provide additional resources to their time-strapped learning and development department. 


Docebo is another top contender in the AI-based learning platform market. It offers a cloud-based, user-friendly interface and advanced functionality to meet the diverse needs of learners and educators. 

Docebo's AI-powered deep search algorithm analyses learner behaviour and preferences, suggesting relevant content and learning paths. The platform also supports gamification, social, and mobile learning, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience.

The auto-tagging software on Docebo allows learners to automatically create tags for learning material by identifying important critical phases within the course material.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a powerful cloud AI-based learning platform designed to streamline the learning process for employee and customer training. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate, while its AI capabilities enable personalised learning experiences. 

Absorb LMS offers the Intelligent Assist AI tool that allows learners to manage tasks efficiently by leveraging pre-defined datasets, reports and action screens to streamline operations and enhance productivity.


EdApp is a cutting-edge mobile-first AI-based learning platform that leverages microlearning techniques to deliver bite-sized, engaging content. Its AI algorithm curates content based on individual performance, interests, and learning goals. EdApp also incorporates gamification elements, such as leaderboards and rewards, to encourage active participation.

It also includes the AI Create feature, a course builder that helps your organisation boost course creation by generating a training course with the click of a button. 


As an AI-powered learning management system, Zavvy is engineered to assist you and your team in crafting, curating, and administering your training programs efficiently.

Zavvy's 360° Growth System helps you expand your learning. It creates detailed career paths for everyone in your company, from beginners to experts. This smart tool comes with ready-to-use templates, an easy-to-use interface, and plans that update automatically. It makes it easy to develop talent and help your employees grow.

Paradiso Solutions

Paradiso Composer is another authoring tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create e-learning courses. With the aid of content and design templates, users can effortlessly generate training material by incorporating various elements such as content, images, videos, and presentations. 

The tool streamlines the process of instruction design, graphics design, voice-overs, videos, and assessments, all of which can be tailored to meet learners' specific development goals.

Which features should you look for in an AI-based LMS?

When picking an AI learning system, think about what your organisation needs. Look for features that make learning personal, easy, and helpful for your employees or students. 

Here are the essential features of an AI-based LMS:

What are the differences between Standard LMS and AI LMS?

The traditional learning management system (LMS) has been the backbone of online learning for decades, providing a structured and organised way to deliver educational content to learners. 

However, with artificial intelligence (AI) and LMS machine learning, the e-learning landscape has undergone a significant transformation.


One of the primary advantages of AI LMS platforms is their ability to adapt to each learner's individual needs. AI LMS platforms use machine learning algorithms to analyse learner data, such as learning styles, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. This information is then used to create personalised learning paths that cater to each learner's unique needs.

In contrast, traditional LMS platforms rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, where all learners receive the same content and learning path. 


Traditional LMS platforms often struggle with scaling due to their rigid architecture. As the number of learners increases, the platform may become slow, causing frustration and hindering the learning experience. 

AI-based LMS platforms, on the other hand, are built using flexible and scalable architecture. This allows them to accommodate a large number of learners without affecting performance. It also means that they can easily adjust to sudden spikes in usage, making them ideal for large-scale e-learning initiatives.

Personalised e-learning experiences

AI LMS platforms offer personalised e-learning experiences that traditional LMS platforms cannot match. By analysing learner data, AI LMS platforms can recommend relevant content, suggest suitable learning paths, and even provide personalised feedback and coaching. This results in a more engaging and effective learning experience for learners, leading to better retention rates and improved learning outcomes.

Data-driven insights

AI LMS platforms provide valuable insights into learner behaviour, progress, and performance. Machine learning algorithms analyse vast amounts of learner data, identifying patterns and trends that would be difficult for humans to detect. These insights help instructional designers and trainers refine their content and learning strategies, resulting in more effective training programs. Additionally, AI LMS platforms can predict learner engagement and satisfaction, enabling organisations to proactively address potential issues before they arise.

What are the benefits of AI-powered LMS (AI-based adaptive learning)?

Improved e-learning outcomes through adaptive learning

AI-driven adaptive learning ensures that the content and pace of training are dynamically adjusted to meet individual learners' needs, abilities, and preferences. This personalisation of the learning experience fosters better engagement, understanding, and knowledge retention, thereby significantly improving e-learning outcomes.

Efficient content management

AI-powered LMS platforms automate the content management process, enabling educators to effortlessly manage and update e-learning materials. This includes generating unique content tailored to learners' specific needs, making the learning process more flexible and responsive to changing educational demands.

Enhanced engagement with personalised support

By providing personalised learning experiences, AI-based LMS platforms ensure learners receive content recommendations and learning pathways most relevant to their goals and preferences. Features like virtual tutoring and immersive gamification components keep learners motivated and engaged, making the e-learning process more enjoyable and effective.

Personalised support and feedback

AI-powered LMS systems offer personalised support and instant feedback through virtual tutors and automated grading. This facilitates a smooth onboarding process for new learners and allows for continuous monitoring of learner progress and performance, enabling timely interventions and support where needed.

Significance of AI in meeting diverse learner needs

The significance of AI in adaptive e-learning lies in its ability to cater to learners' diverse needs. By analysing learner performance and preferences data, AI-powered LMS can deliver customised learning experiences that improve knowledge acquisition and retention. This adaptive approach ensures that all learners, regardless of their learning pace or style, can effectively achieve their educational goals.

Integrate your AI-based LMS with Digital Samba today

AI learning platforms make online learning personal and easy. If you connect your AI learning platform with Digital Samba, you can make it even better for teachers and students.

Digital Samba is appropriate for connecting with AI learning platforms because we have many features that make online learning easier. Our video-calling solutions are top-notch, GDPR-compliant, E2E-encrypted, and scalable.

Furthermore, our video-calling API and video conference SDK enhance your platform’s user experience and enable features like screen sharing, collaborative whiteboards, and secure file sharing. These tools support a dynamic learning environment and complement the adaptive learning paths provided by AI-driven LMS platforms.

Our partnership with LMS Collaborator is a prime example of the value Digital Samba adds to LMS platforms. This collaboration has significantly enhanced LMS Collaborator's offerings, providing an integrated solution that leverages the strengths of both platforms to deliver exceptional e-learning experiences.

So, if you're an AI-based LMS platform looking to expand your capabilities and provide your users with a more immersive and interactive learning environment, Digital Samba is the go-to solution. Book a call with us today.

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