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LMS Collaborator Accelerates Global Expansion with Digital Samba Embedded.

LMS Collaborator is a learning management platform that helps businesses create an effective learning and onboarding environment.

Through the integration of Digital Samba's GDPR-compliant API and SDK for real-time video conferencing, LMS Collaborator has embedded HD video conferencing into their platform to provide their customers with consistent, high-quality educational experiences worldwide.

LMS Collaborator success story


Like most businesses, LMS Collaborator wanted to expand out of Europe and enter the global market. To strengthen their product offering, they decided to integrate video conferencing functionality within their learning management system. Their platform needed an extensive set of collaboration features to integrate web conferencing into
e-learning activities and attract new customers.

After exploring the option of developing an in-house video conferencing solution, they decided it was too time-consuming and expensive. They would need to find an existing provider with extensive market experience to integrate with their platform. LMS Collaborator required an embeddable video conferencing solution that was easy to integrate, easy to use and had a powerful UX/UI.


LMS Collaborator had worked with providers in the past, but they either lacked key features or had inflexible pricing plans. Digital Samba’s complete toolset included all the features LMS Collaborator needed from a videoconferencing partner:

  • High-quality video conferencing for 10-30 participants;
  • Flawless sound;
  • Role management within sessions - teacher, moderator, listener, etc.;
  • Peripheral management for microphones and cameras - e.g. allow teachers and moderators to toggle attendee's cameras and microphones on or off.;
  • Session recordings stored in the cloud, exported to mp4 for sharing via link;
  • Customisable colours and branding;
  • Inspiring range of virtual backgrounds;

These features were combined with a competitive pricing plan and volume discounts into a single high-grade package. The Digital Samba development team had a deep understanding of the European corporate e-learning market, a huge benefit for LMS Collaborator.

LMS Collaborator’s team built its new service using Digital Samba’s existing infrastructure. Taking this approach saved them a huge investment on software engineering.


LMS Collaborator’s users can now host secure and lag-free video conferences right in their learning management system.

Thanks to the integration of Digital Samba’s ready-to-go video conferencing API and video meeting SDK, LMS Collaborator was equipped to focus on personnel education and penetrating the European corporate learning market.

“We are delighted to be partnered with Digital Samba for our global launch. They offered us a bespoke package at a competitive price that simply couldn’t be beaten elsewhere. Thanks to their expert and knowledgeable support team, the integration period was smooth sailing.” - Miroslav Botsula, CEO and Founder of LMS Collaborator

As LMS Collaborator’s team looks to the future, they are planning to leverage Digital Samba to expand into different languages and new markets.

About LMS Collaborator

LMS Collaborator is a web-based learning management system that helps mid-to-large enterprises automate corporate eLearning, build a Knowledge Base and Information Centre, automate onboarding and manage the development and assessment of employees. They have been on the market since 2012 and have over 100 customers. More than 100,000 people use LMS Collaborator every day.

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“They offered us a bespoke package at a competitive price that simply couldn’t be beaten elsewhere.”
Miroslav Botsula, LMSCollaborator
Miroslav Botsula, CEO and Founder

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