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Video API Integration with Samba Live

Robert Strobl
June 6, 2022
We live an increasing proportion of our modern lives through a software filter. It’s common for us to use a combination of chat messaging apps, email clients, e-commerce platforms, search engines, and social media in order to go about our normal day.

Table of contents

  1. What the Video API is built to do
  2. The key benefits of conferencing API integration
  3. How API usage changes your operations workflow
  4. Closing thoughts

What the Video API is built to do

Some studies on developed-world demographics have indicated that, on average, we check our phones over 300 times per day. We are not checking our phones to do the same thing every time.

This underscores that our lives are very highly integrated with technology, and software.

The software that you use to communicate at work should also be a highly integrated and versatile tool that you routinely use to satisfy your work-life.

The Samba Live Video API is a tool-set that allows that. API stands for Application Programmer’s Interface. It’s how software talks to other software. Samba Live itself as a product is built from many components and modules, then sewn together at the seams using an in-built API.

We make this video API available to you and your organisation. 

Let’s say that your job has a website. Many do. Let’s also say that your organisation has customer service representatives that you usually have to call on the phone and then go through menu options in order to get to.  This is also common.

Wouldn’t it be better for your customers to be able to go to your website and talk directly with a live customer service rep exactly how they want to, without dialling in and going through menu options to hopefully get to a representative?

With Samba Live’s video API, you can embed video conferencing features from Samba Live directly into any other software, including websites.

So, if you want just the chat from Samba Live as a feature on your website, you can have that.  If you want to be able to video call a representative at their desk through the website, you can also have that.  If you want to have multiple people in a call, all working on a specific problem in a google doc together… from a website… you can have that.

Samba Live can integrate with anything.

Samba Live’s video API,

The key benefits of video conferencing API integration

There are a variety of benefits to consider with video API integration:

  • Freedom

Freedom is a benefit that comes from having no restrictions whatsoever on the software that is delivered to you. In contrast, it is all too common for proprietary and inflexible products to be delivered to customers who effectively are restricted from making modifications to their product or doing what they please with it.

This is never the case with Samba Live. We deliver software solutions that are made to fit our customers. We never try to make our customers fit our software solutions.

Handing over API keys and access to clients gives them the ultimate freedom to use Samba Live in any way they want.

  • Convenience

Convenience is a major benefit that APIs deliver to developers. Rather than dumping a large code library, Samba Live’s modules come with convenient end-point handles that are easy to work with and integrate into other software projects such as websites and mobile applications.

All of this functionality comes packaged in an easy to work-with format, which means that projects snap together like Lego bricks. This is much easier for developers and software engineers to work with.

  • Harmony

Harmony is a key benefit that API’s enable. Every work environment is unique and has its own unique profile of what software is used, and how each piece of software is configured. Not all software products work together. When they do not integrate with one another or harmonise, you have to manually make up the difference yourself.

Samba Live’s API is meant to integrate with your other work software like Outlook or Google.

Samba Live can even embed live web apps into video chat sessions. This makes the software that you have to work with on a day-to-day basis work together for you instead of you having to work around it.

Collaboration-related tasks are much easier and less stressful to tackle with Samba Live than any other software tool.


The key benefits of video conferencing API integration

How API usage changes your operations workflow

Video conferencing is a powerful tool by itself. The value of video conferencing can be extended into new places with the use of a video conferencing API. This means that your organisation can handle live video feeds in your own environment and in your own way.

Your company or organisation may have a web app, a mobile application, or some internal IT infrastructure that you use to work with customers or collaborate together. Any software environment where people communicate with other people in real-time can benefit substantially from having live video as an available feature.

Now, with the use of an API, embedding live video in whatever environment you can imagine is easy. But beyond being easy, it’s also secure.

Most software implementations open security holes for the client– the person using the software. With API usage, it’s actually the software service provider that assumes security responsibilities.

Most malicious actors will be targeting the infrastructure that provides API’s – or the backend server where the software is served from.

This means that the overhead of using live video conferencing through an API is drastically less than if you were to build and host a video conferencing service yourself.

Digital Samba is a European software company and is compliant with the European Union’s standards on data privacy and security (GDPR), which means that the back-end security is natively held to the most demanding global standard that currently exists.

Closing thoughts

Our lives are very digital. Many of us have an online component for how we work, handle messaging, attend conferences, etc. The relationship that we have with software is important to consider, and we should remind ourselves that software is the product and not us.

Easy development-level access through an API is a great way to have more healthy relationships with our software.

Samba Live is a video conferencing tool that is not just about video conferencing. It is fundamentally about connecting people in the most positive way possible, moving forward into our increasingly digital future. It’s about people’s relationships with each other and our relationship with technology.

It happens to be that video conferencing, webinars, and online education are going to be increasingly significant trends going forward into the future. Offering an API for a tool that is built to address these trends fundamentally redefines our relationship to software in not only these key trend areas, but it also allows us to extend these core functionalities to… whatever we can imagine.

It’s that aspect of software smoothing out our day to the day work environment, but also opening up the possibilities of tomorrow by encouraging us to accomplish whatever we can imagine that defines what we believe a healthy relationship to software is.

Technology should be an extension of what is human; not a replacement. Having a live human to work with is the first step to making a change.

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