Enhancing Your Video Conferencing Experience with Digital Samba's Reliable Support

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January 24, 2024

Video calls are now mission-critical, yet a single hiccup can disrupt collaboration and derail momentum. At Digital Samba, we understand this frustration head-on. That's why we deliver not just exceptional video conferencing – built on GDPR-compliant, user-friendly SDKs and APIs – but also unparalleled support that keeps your calls flowing seamlessly. 

Our dedicated team shields you from frustration, not just resolving issues but proactively spotting and solving problems before they ever disrupt your meetings. With Digital Samba as your copilot, you can be confident that calls connect easily, ideas engage and inspire, and your user experience remains smooth and secure.

Now, let's dive deeper into how our support stands out with some impressive metrics!

Table of content

  1. Speed of support
  2. Quality of support
  3. Server availability and security
  4. Knowledge base and support articles
  5. Conclusion

Speed of support

At Digital Samba, we understand the urgency of a stalled meeting or a frozen presentation. That's why our support team operates with unparalleled efficiency, ensuring your video calls stay on track. Here’s how we handle your complaints:

These are not mere statistics; they're the bedrock of our commitment to your uninterrupted productivity. We've invested in cutting-edge support tools, optimised workflows, and assembled a team of seasoned video conferencing veterans, all dedicated to one mission: ensuring your video calls are as seamless and reliable as your ideas.

Quality of support

Digital Samba's commitment to exceptional support goes beyond mere response times. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, ensuring you receive not just rapid resolutions but also insightful guidance and genuine care. Here’s how we provide quality support:

Investing in Digital Samba is not just about acquiring a video conferencing platform; it's about gaining a trusted partner dedicated to your success. We understand that clear communication and reliable collaboration are fundamental to your work, and our support team is unwavering in its commitment to empower you through every digital interaction.

Server availability and security

Moreover, we understand the importance of flawless video conferencing. That's why we've gone all-in on building a platform that's as reliable as it is secure. Every aspect, from our global network of powerful servers to our advanced security measures, is designed to ensure your meetings run smoothly, every time.

With Digital Samba, you can finally focus on what truly matters: connecting with colleagues, clients, and partners around the world. We provide the reliable, secure video conferencing platform you need to collaborate effectively, confidently, and without worry.

Knowledge base and support articles

At Digital Samba, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Our extensive knowledge base is filled with helpful articles and documentation to assist you in getting the most out of our products.

Browse our how-to guides for step-by-step instructions on everything from initial setup to advanced configurations. Moreover, our release notes outline new features, updates, and fixes in each software version. Also, we have blogs offering tips, tricks, and best practices for maximising efficiency.

Can't find what you need? Submit a ticket through our support portal. Our experienced support team is available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and respond quickly to any requests. We aim to provide caring, individualised support to create a positive experience throughout your time as a valued Digital Samba customer.


With Digital Samba, seamless communication is assured. With our swift and knowledgeable support, we can detect and resolve issues before they disrupt your meetings. We offer reliable service, so your video calls connect smoothly. This means your teams can share ideas.

Our platform offers consistent, high-quality, and very stable video conferencing kits. Also, we have quick response times if any problems ever occur. Our experts handle technical issues with care and skill, so you can focus on collaboration. We also prioritise security and expand our knowledge base with time; this empowers your meeting with confidence.

Our commitment to your success is complete. We ensure hiccups never hamper your meetings. We let you focus purely on connecting with colleagues, without interruptions getting in the way. Ideas will resonate and inspire without technical difficulties. Digital Samba facilitates productive cooperation for teams every time. 

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