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Secure your video conferences

Bryan Smith
May 20, 2020

Can you really work from home if your work is security sensitive? Many of us know we work in security-critical fields. But actually all of us do when you stop to think about it.

For every money venture, there’s some sensitive information that you know that other people shouldn’t. That’s baked into doing business.

Here’s the thing about the security of your information. It wants to be free. Think of how many times you actually talk about sensitive subjects in your business meetings. Now consider taking that and putting it all online by using a video conferencing service.

This is even more scary when you stop to consider all the security vulnerabilities of using generic software packages in the workplace.

Your data online

Have you ever wondered how free software keeps itself going and even makes mega profits? It’s through packaging and selling your data, not just to advertisers, but to anyone who’s willing to buy.

Seriously, look at the Terms of Service agreements for free software. It’s absolutely opaque. They do that to obscure the fact that you’re a commodity to their business model.

Many of us are fundamentally uncomfortable with that, but sometimes that can pose an actual security risk for sensitive information.

What can be done about it?

Purpose-built software is really to-the-point about what it does. It does something you need, and you pay a price for it. It’s as simple as that. No re-packaging all the information about you and selling it to the highest bidder behind your back.

Security itself is a software feature. But when considering doing online video collaboration between key people in your organization, you actually need a lot of features in order to make that undertaking as productive as possible.

Moving a physical meeting room to an online service with adequate privacy has a lot of moving parts.

Secure and easy for users

People want meeting ID’s, so that their users are all password protected. They want secure, cross-platform cloud storage so that they can access their company information from anywhere, They want to be able to record their meetings, have screen sharing, and virtual whiteboards to illustrate their ideas on, they want to be able to do video calls that work and that they can trust.

They want all of these features tied to a single sign on or SSO so that people aren’t constantly forgetting their login information.

There’s a lot that goes into making a video conferencing solution that’s truly secure and usable. This is where Digital Samba comes in. These are the people who have been developing the industry for decades and are offering purpose-built software with no strings attached.

Administrative control with Samba Live

Samba Live is a seamless integration of all those features with total administrative control built into their software platform.

When using digitally based video calls, working from home can seem like a personal meeting when it’s done right. There shouldn’t be problems with administration or handling your data securely in a straightforward and honest manner.

Just like how you may keep locks on your doors in your physical building, and then keep your meetings behind another locked door. Your meetings should be password protected, and access to each virtual meeting room should have its access be specific to only the users that you want.

You can’t have an important conversation without privacy, and true privacy online can be a precious thing.

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