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Samba Live 5.2.2

Natalia Vieytes
Jun 19, 2019 10:30:04 AM

Release date:  27 June 2019

The newest release of Samba Live is loaded with features that further improve the way hosts can interact with their audience, and the way the audience engages in their meetings. Additionally, we are releasing the long-awaited Samba Live iOS app!

On desktop browsers, speakers have even more control and utility with their meetings in Samba Live 5.2.2, with the the power to stop the broadcasts of other users, and the ability to see voters names when exporting polls results. Participants can now request to broadcast, and also reply to messages and edit their messages within chat.

The new Samba Live iOS app allows users to view live content and chat in a Samba Live meeting. It's the first version of our mobile optimized experience, you can expect continuous improvements in the future.

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  New features

  • Speakers will be able to see the voter's names when exporting poll results.
  • A new display name format dropdown menu has been added to advanced options allowing you to choose to between variations of full names and initials.
  • Ability to define as a server config whether to send invites when editing a meeting.


  • Class input maximum width has been changed to 700px to allow for longer friendly URLs.


  New features

  • Hand raise (request to broadcast) feature has been implemented.
  • Speakers are now able to stop broadcasts of other users.
  • A new direct reply feature is available in Chat.
  • Media files in the library can now be previewed.
  • More intuitive message reactions have been implemented on chat.
  • Message editing has been added to chat conversations.
  • New background color feature available for shared documents and files.
  • Badge state colors have been added to branding options.
  • Created a custom plugin on the PBX for the PhoneSync feature.
  • A minimize button was added to poll.
  • "Request confirmation" pop up has been replaced with a dropdown menu.
  • We added an active state to whiteboard icons.


  • Resolved issue where layout engine was not working properly.
  • Resolved issue where the close captioning checkbox was still showing in the workspace menu after disabling that feature.
  • Restructured the flow of the "Add to Group" process in a poll to improve usability.
  • Fixed issue where branding colors where not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed issue where 'Remove from group' caption and notification were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed issue where 'Create' caption was not capitalized on the 'Create group' popup.
  • Resolved issue where drawings from two different whiteboards merged into one whiteboard.
  • Resolved issue where camera & microphone icons where not behaving correctly after turning video on and off.
  • "Edit me" text has been removed from text tool.
  • More intuitive behaviour of dropdown menu in Q&A.
  • Resolved issue where a user's audio was un-muted automatically after they turned off their video.
  • Camera/microphone state is working properly for users with permission to do free publish.
  • Fixed issue where screen sharing was not working for late joinees when one speaker had taken over screen sharing from another.
  • Resolved issue where static image of screen sharing was still being displayed after a user left the session.
  • Resolved issue where bold text was being shown incorrectly when sharing messages in the chat panel.
  • Fixed issue where the dropdown menus overlapped when using closed caption.
  • Fixed issue where side panel was broken after resizing the browser window.
  • Fixed issue where when enabling closed caption a user's video & audio opened in a tile for all other users.


  New features

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