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Samba Live 5.2.1 r25108

Jan 22, 2019 9:21:40 AM

Release date:  07 December 2018

We've given you more control over your meetings - toggle to change bandwidth, push your streams to social platforms, emote and tag in your chats. We've also changed the way you receive notifications in Samba Live MP4 recordings - now, you can disable them in your account settings. 

Account Center

New features
  • Notifications in HTML5 recordings can now be disabled via a check box in account settings.
  • Added more info to the redirect URLs when ending an HTML5 session
  • Allow a bigger set of special characters to be used when creating passwords.
  • Added a server config that determines whether the schedule is shown in ascending/descending chronological order.
  • Fixed issue where the 'Header Icon' and 'Header Icon Hover' branding colors were not applied to the menu icon in the Q&A panel.
  • Resolved issue where company account holders were able to edit service plan details.
  • Fixed issue where the incorrect dates were being displayed on the dashboard statistics.
  • Made changes to accommodate Chrome's policy change for inline extension installation
  • Fixed issue where CSV export files were opened in a browser instead of being downloaded.


New features
  • Added an HD toggle to allow publishers to cater to lower bandwidth situations
  • Live Streaming feature has been created to allow users to push a session out to Youtube or Facebook.
  • Chat has been redesigned to make it more intuitive.
  • Emoji icons added to chat messages.
  • Tagging and hint options added to chat channels.
  • Main toolbar in sessions has been improved when using a device that has a small screen.
  • Resolved issue where users could not leave a session when clicking the 'End session' button and new users could not see users that joined the session early on.
  • Resolved issue where words were broken when writing multi-line chat messages.
  • Fixed issue where audio turned on automatically when promoted user starts his video broadcast.
  • Resolved issue where a user's audio element opened automatically after clicking the "Apply" button on the setting menu.
  • Resolved issue where a participant's picture is not displayed on the audio screen for viewers to see.
  • Fixed issue where a user's audio/video thumbnail was displayed incorrectly on Mac Firefox.
  • Fixed issue where audio and video were not showing on the viewer side after being turned off and on.
  • Fixed issue where screen sharing was not terminated for the first user when a second user started screen sharing.
  • Fixed issue where the left bar menu item did not correctly populate the context sensitive (...) menu when vertically resizing the browser.
  • Renamed the incorrect placeholder text in the chat input field.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong messages were being displayed when muting participants.
  • Resolved issue where the branding color button was not working on the 'Leave/End session' icon.
  • Resolved issue where a long continuous string could break the live answer pop up display area.
  • Resolved issue where a long continuous string could break the chat display area in Firefox.

Hot Fixes

New features
  • HF999 - Finished the SIP integration with an alternate media server.
  • HF1026 - Fixed issue where a change of media server would render the PhoneSync feature in a blocked state.
  • HF1025 - Fix where special symbols would prevent chat messages from being sent.
  • HF1015 - Fixed issue where menu items in the context sensitive (...) menu would do nothing when clicked.
  • HF1011 - Resolved issue where a user stayed in a session after of connection.
  • HF1001 - Fixed label issue for the display-name-format-dropdown field on the advanced session form.
  • HF162 - Resolved issue where PowerPoint presentations showed with the wrong aspect ratio.

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