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Samba Live 5.7

September 2, 2020

Release date: 07 August 2020

After our rushed and massive COVID-19 combo release last month, the 5.7 release was all about clean-up and stability. We pushed several hotfixes to the 5.6 release in the last weeks and were able to get a few new features into 5.7 for you as well. See the full list below.

Spoiler alert: Expect some big announcements for Samba Live 5.9 🎥 📲.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Added poll results into account center reports. Users may now export poll results from the account center.
  • Q&A Results are now included in the HTML5 session reports in the account center.
  • Added {company} variable to the list of available variables for custom invitation emails.
  • Bitrate settings have been moved from config to service plan. Admins can now set the bitrates of individual streams on a service plan level.
  • Added an option to enable front end console logs in the service plan settings.
  • Added new filters in the Admin Dashboard statistics. Admins can now filter by session name and by account holder.
  • Added user ID to the statistics report.
  • Added new API method so that Admins can downgrade accounts.
  • Added new API method so that Admins manage sub-account recordings.


  • HTML5 is now the default session for users who have flash and HTML5 sessions enabled.
  • Resolved issue wherein a company's enforced expiry date wasn't shown in the user interface of the child account.
  • Dial-ins and pin codes list will no longer show for users with VOIP-only service plans.
  • Resolved issue where a user was able to create two sessions in the schedule list with the same URL.
  • Resolved issue wherein when a user configures a meeting requiring guests to provide company name in the session login page, the company field was not showing as a required field.
  • Resolved issues when changing profile picture or branding images in the account center and branding pages. Uploaded images will now be updated right away.


 New Features

  • File name and number of pages for uploaded content files are now hidden to users without presentation permissions.
  • Implemented an auto-reconnection feature. When a user gets disconnected due to poor/lost connection, the page will automatically try to reconnect and the user will be directed back to the same page without having to login again.
  • The maximum number of breakout rooms that can be created has been increased. Users can now create up to 40 breakout rooms.


  • The participants list will now prioritize showing audience users with hand raised. They will no longer remain hidden in a truncated participant list.
  • Resolved issue wherein the shared panels did not always show correctly when forced layout was applied.
  • Improvements to database performance
  • Load balancer improvements for large rooms.
  • Fixed issue wherein the presentation pages numbering were not being translated.
  • Fixed minor translation issues in the content library.
  • Resolved issue wherein a Safari user's camera didn't stream when he got back to the main room, from the breakout room.
  • Resolved issue wherein the embed code still appeared to audience users even after disabling it in the Service Plan settings.
  • Resolved issue where even if the "Hide user count" option was checked, the number of users in the room was revealed to the audience once the search feature of the participant list kicked in (as soon as the max number of displayed users is reached).
  • Resolved issue wherein the opened web app in the content library was not loading correctly on safari for a late joinee.
  • Resolved issue wherein the user interface glitches in the user video elements grid when there are more than 10 video elements on the screen.
  • When sending URLs in the chat room, the link preview will now show the description of the webpage.
  • Resolved issue wherein the "Remove participants" menu item didn't work for users in the lobby.
  • Fixed issue wherein a blank page opened instead of 'Browser not supported' in an attempt to join html5 session using Internet Explorer.
  • When exporting sorted and filtered questions in the Q&A panel, sorting and filter are now applied in the exported Q&A files as well.
  • Removed “turn on microphone and camera” on the preview screen when camera button is deselected in the service plan.
  • Resolved issue when exporting Q&A files wherein the questions that were not answered by the audience were shown in the exported files, while the answered questions were missing.
  • Fixed issue wherein the camera didn't change when switching to another camera during a video broadcast.



  • 11/10/2020 - 5.8 - Resolved issue wherein the restreamer displayed an empty title bar which covers the content.
  • 11/10/2020 - 5.8 - Resolved issue wherein multiple copies of invitation emails were being sent when creating a recurring re-use meeting.
  • 11/10/2020 - 5.8 - Resolved issue wherein the controls of audio/video playback are available for audience user in the tiled view.
  • 11/10/2020 - 5.8 - Resolved issue wherein the media library size limit did not apply in the session after setting the "Total Media Library Size Limit" on user's service plan tab in admin.
  • 11/10/2020 - 5.8 - Fixed incorrect data in the Admin Dashboard statistic wherein the name and email of session's (or recording's) owner were shown instead of names and emails of session's (recording's) attendees.
  • 11/10/2020 - 5.8 - Video preview on the Systemcheck page is now working properly.

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