Samba Live 5.42

1 min read
June 27, 2022

Available from: 26 June 2022

You asked, and we listened! With Samba Live 5.42, it is now possible to password-protect any recording, increasing the security of your video content. 

Find out more about our latest updates and bug fixes below.

Account Center 

 New Features

  • Users now have the option to password-protect recorded sessions. Once password-protected, users are required to enter a password when viewing or downloading recordings.
  • Improved reporting for Account Holders by adding statistics showing how often and extensively the recordings are being played back.
  • Added new functionalities to the 'Edit Recording' panel allowing Account Holders to enable/disable password protection, share recording links, copy passwords and share downloadable links.




  • Updated our in-room German translations.



 New Features

  • File upload is now available on mobile. Mobile speakers can also now rename and delete files and folders.



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