Digital Samba Wins 2022 Best Overall Video Conferencing Solution RemoteTech Breakthrough Award

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July 2, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Digital Samba won the Overall Video Conferencing Solution of the Year RemoteTech 2022 Breakthrough Award. This award means a huge amount to us. Our incredible awards season continues to highlight the success of our platform!

The team at Digital Samba has worked tirelessly for two decades to create the successful platform you see today. Winning the Overall Video Conferencing Solution of the Year Award shows the progress we have made towards becoming a market-leading video conferencing platform.

Digital Samba’s video conferencing platform is perfect for companies adopting a fully remote or hybrid working pattern. Maintaining fluid collaboration amongst a remote team requires a video conferencing platform rich in features.

Digital Samba’s solution has all the features you need for successful remote collaboration. HD video broadcasting, file and screen sharing, secure cloud storage, HD video recording, interactive whiteboard, webinar features, and more. We also have a suite of engagement-boosting interactive features, including hand-raising, polling, and Q&A.

"We are thrilled to have been awarded the Best Overall Video Conferencing Solution RemoteTech Breakthrough Award. This award shows that we have established our platform as a leading contender in the video conferencing industry. This award wouldn’t have been possible without our platform's thousands of loyal customers. They also deserve our thanks." - Robert Strobl, founder and CEO at Digital Samba.

What is a RemoteTech Breakthrough Award?

RemoteTech performs a deep analysis of the global remote technology industry every year. Their purpose is to highlight “breakthrough” companies working hard in their field to provide a good product. This year they received over 1,700 nominations, which is a huge win for Digital Samba.

Did you know?

Samba Live users benefit from a complete feature set, including HD video broadcasting, video recording, breakout rooms, flexible API, screen-sharing, white-labelling, fully supported file sharing, and much more. Digital Samba is the ideal off-the-shelf solution for all your video communication needs.

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