Samba Live 5.43

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July 11, 2022

Available from: 10 July 2022

Samba Live 5.43 introduces various improvements to the Mobile App. Mobile users can now enjoy the following functionalities in the Content Library:

Create new folders - Give new folders a name of your choice and start managing your content.

Add files from URL- Share files directly from a web resource without having to upload them to Samba Live.

Add web app from URL - Collaborate directly in Samba Live sessions without needing to share your screen.

Share files and folders with other Speakers - Whether on mobile or desktop, other Speakers will now be able to open your shared files.

Lastly, this update contains minor bug fixes and miscellaneous security enhancements across the platform. Read more about our latest updates below.


Account Center 

 New Features

  • Updated the API so that frontend can delete a Content Library folder even when it has content inside.


  • Resolved issue wherein an Admin user was able to create two users with the same Service Plan ID.
  • Updated the browser check for e2ee sessions, adding a config that checks if the user connects from a mobile or desktop device.



  • Improved the tiles grid. When a certain window aspect ratio is passed, the third column of tiles appears.
  • Moved the video controls to the bottom of the player for uploaded videos to prevent overlapping with the 'Create bookmark' button.
  • Replaced the 'request to broadcast' icon with the 'hand-raise' icon.
  • Resolved issue wherein the camera toggle was showing up in the join screen preview even when the camera button was disabled in the Service Plan settings.
  • Resolved issue wherein the preview of the slides/pages in the Content Library was showing in the recording.
  • Fixed the chat bubble. When all the conversations are read, the bubble will now disappear.


 New Features

  • Mobile users can now create folders, add files from URLs, add web apps and share files and folders in the Content Library.









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