Samba Live 5.41

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June 13, 2022

Available from: 12 June 2022

Samba Live 5.41 introduces the option to enable end-to-end encryption (E2EE), providing more security in sessions.

We are also very excited to announce the implementation of our new video player in the Account Center, allowing Account Holders to password protect recorded sessions.

Additionally, our Mobile App now supports viewing files and folders in the Content Library. 

Read more about our latest updates and bug fixes below.

Account Center 

 New Features

  • Implemented a video player to play back recordings. Users can now watch Samba Live recordings in the Account Center. The new video player is equipped with basic controls and supports recordings with Bookmarks.
  • Added a new server config to allow OEM clients the limitation of Layout Modes to a single mode or any combination of existing modes.
  • Added a new REST API endpoint to allow adding Vimeo and YouTube URLs into an account's Content Library.
  • Updated webhook implementation so that shared OEMs can be notified of events generated by the accounts that belong to them.


  • Improved fault tolerance when conference bridge API is unavailable.
  • Resolved issue in the API call for recordings wherein the user who created the bookmark was not visible.



 New Features

  • Account Holders now have the option to protect sessions with end-to-end encryption. This ensures that both audio and video streams—including screen share—are not being read or secretly modified by anyone other than the actual senders and their recipients.
  • Added a notification message to let users know when a remote user ended the session.


  • Updated the iOS 'play streams' dialog box with more concise messaging and action button texts.
  • Updated the role names in the Participants' panel contextual menus with correct capitalization.


 New Features

  • Content Library files and folders are now accessible on mobile. Mobile Speakers can now open, view, and close folders and their content. Note: Some file types are not yet supported. An alert will be shown when users try to open unsupported file types.


  • Removed the "close (X)" icon from the main mobile menu since the current panel can be closed simply by tapping out.

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