Samba Live 5.30

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January 10, 2022

Available from: 09 January 2021

Our latest update introduces various features within our Account Center, including automated cancellation emails and the addition of a new option to allow a maximum of one content opened. In the Content Library, we have added the ability to mass import poll questions. Additionally, mobile users can now take full advantage of the remote muting functionality. Finally, we introduced smaller improvements and fixes to the account center, breakout rooms, and mobile icons.

Account Center

 New Features

  • Implemented automated meeting cancellation emails. When a meeting is deleted in the Account Center, a dialog box will pop up with the option to send cancellation emails to all invited guests.
  • Improved CSV user list import functionality so that any duplicates in the CSV file are automatically ignored.
  • Added a new session-level option to 'Allow maximum one content opened'. When enabled, any piece of content loaded from the Content Library will be displayed in the Stage area, take up the entire area, and entirely replace the previously loaded content regardless of type. In other words, the Stage will never be split with multiple content pieces. This new content type viewing session option defaults to off.
  • Added a Service Plan option to set the default value of 'Allow max one content open' so that Account Holders can decide to override the current default and start all Sessions under their account accordingly, always allowing maximum one content open.
  • Added feedback for users joining a session from a public URL. They will now be informed that they may need to wait while other users are joining.


  • Ensured persistence of sorting choice in the admin/users page after viewing or editing a user.
  • Renamed Media Library to Content Library in Service Plans, Account Center, and API to ensure consistent terminology across the platform.
  • Resolved issue wherein the user count in the 'All Sessions' table (Admin Dashboard) was inaccurately based on non-unique-users.
  • Resolved issue wherein the 'Allow everyone to broadcast' checkbox was not working properly.
  • Tidied up the display of 'Broadcast' metrics in Admin Dashboard so that they are more logically shown under respective heading.


 New Features

  • Implemented mass import for poll questions. Users can now import poll questions from a CSV file.


  • Resolved issue wherein the Breakout Room Audience list showed up in the Main Room even when the 'Hide user count' option was enabled.
  • Resolved issue wherein the first Room in the Breakout Room list was not showing the Participant list as collapsed by default.
  • Fixed issue wherein an opened contextual menu in the Participants' panel disappeared when another user joined or left the room or when the active Speaker changed.


 New Features

  • Remote peripherals management is now supported for Speakers: Actions include muting remote users' microphones and turning off their cameras, requesting remote users to unmute their microphones, and requesting them to turn on their camera.


  • Resolved issue wherein broadcast automatically started for mobile users after being moved from Speaker to Custom Role when broadcast permissions were disabled for the Custom Role on the user's Service Plan.
  • Updated the 'Move to Custom Role' icon to ensure uniformity of icons across all platforms.
  • Fixed issues wherein the wrong Welcome screen and Participants' panel options were showing for mobile audience/custom role user with enabled broadcast permission.

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